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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Reason's why I'd like to be captain America

Now the title of this post may have given you a bit of a clue that I recently watched the Captain America film. I absolutely, 100% loved it. Tommy Lee Jones was hilarious, it had an interesting storyline that was not overly complicated, or underwritten (which can often be the case with some of these action films) and not being familiar with the comic books, I got the story, although I have no clue whether its close to the original comic strip (maybe some true comic book fans will be able to enlighten me).

So whilst watching the film and as I say I was loving it but the true indicator that I was engrossed by it, was the fact that I came away from the cinema thinking that I want to be Captain America. I'm not completely nuts (although I did have a think about superimposing my face onto the picture above- it would have looked  weird lol! I vetoed that idea, but honestly for a solid hour after watching the film I wanted to be him the number one reason why is obvious:

1) He knocked some people out - He had heart and courage prior to his Captain America Metamorphasis, but he lacked the physical build and Strength, After he became Captain America he Kicked Butt, which I thought was fantastic. Yes Please! I to am quite petite although not sickly (and I can be quite fierce when mad), but on those days where people are trying to attack you it comes in handy to be able to fight and win without having to learn taekwondo.

2) He had super speed - On those days when you leave out late from work and your about to miss your train or bus home or to wherever, it would be good to have his speed. He was out running cars (He must have been running at 80mph plus is my questimate), superspeed is very useful for getting about punctually. I'd be at work on time 100% of the time or no more missed appointments and I will get to the clubs before 1am, it would be great.

3) He went from Geek to Chic - The ability to alter my body in preparation for my beach holiday abroad is taking a lot of work and effort (I'm doing a lot of stomach crunches, reverse crunches, treadmilling, crosstraining, bikes etc), in order to get a flat stomach so I can have nice bikini photo's, If I could use a machine that I sit in for 2 mins to give me the various celebrity body's I covet (see pic of me with Mel Bi's body down below) then I would be overjoyed. Captain America went into the machine and came out hench.

4) The Shield - Now I was thinking of having the shield in a variety of country flags as I'm half bajan, Half St Lucian and British, I'd maybe be Captain St Lucia (when I go for the Jazz festival) or Barbardos (when I go for cropover) or England (everyday this is where I live), alternatively I could mix it up depending on how I feel on any particular day. Obviously Captain America was dodging bullets, punches and Some other worldly energy rays more powerful than the energy on earth I think, however for me I'd use the shield again when I'm on the train and people are being annoying, for example you know sometimes you get people asking you for money on the train, they come on, clear their throats and then deliver a perfected scripted pitch about why they need you to part with your money, I always feel suspicious when the sales pitch is just too perfect I'll put up my shield or or or... when someone tries to dive in ahead of you when getting into an overcrowded train.....just gently nudge them out with the shield, when you can't open a jar use the shield, when your trying to do D.I.Y eg puttng up some shelves and you realise that you can't find the drill or hammer use the shield. The Shield has many many uses.

So BDSS'ers If you could be a superhero what superhero would you be and why?


  1. I don't even know where to begin girl; still laughing too hard to type straight - especially when I keep scrolling up to your self-imposed face on Mel B's bod! :D

    Ok *sniffs back tears* so I think I'd have to be a combination of some of the characters from Heroes:

    Hiro Nakamura "I travel through time & e-space"
    Claire Bennett: she can't die, need I say more?!
    Peter Pitrelli: to absorb everyone else's powers is cheeky but handy
    Maya Herrara: you really don't wanna piss this chicha off!!
    Issaac Mendez: draw the future, could come in handy to show those who don't wanna believe in consequences
    Micah Sanders: talks to technology & tells them to do whatever he likes (cashpoint please!)

    I'd be the ultimate Hero - Har Har!!

  2. That made me laugh so hard seeing your head on Mel B's body! Haha

  3. Lol! I found it hilarious when I was creating that Picture yesterday night.

    That is a Great combination of superpowers Debs!

  4. Girl that is a classic pic and definitely brightened up my day! I would be Isis from the Marvel comics I'm not really familiar with superheroes apart from Spiderman and so decided to wiki the one that seemed most apt.

    I'm into Egyptology so chose Isis. She has superhuman strength ( would be handy when carrying x amount of shopping each week) stamina (great for the gym, when I shocking out on the dance floor, and ummm other things that I no longer have the energy to keep up with), durability (after a rough day I can still look great!, agility, and reflexes (always handy). Like all her race she possesses resistance to all terrestrial diseases (nice because good health is important! and some resistance to magic (great so other super heroes or villains can't catch me so easily!

    I must say Sel I know what fil me and the kids are watching next week!

  5. I would be Storm from Xmen, beautiful, strong but don't piss me off because I will literally blow your ass away

  6. I'd be Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), a scientific genius and the leader of the Fantastic Four, who can stretch his body into incredible lengths and shapes; I could wear any shoes, any outfit or accessory and know, that I can make it 'look good' (No more tedious diets!) I'm Lovin it already! ...Hehe!!! ツxx