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Friday, 9 September 2011

It's a BDSS Birthday - Si & Sel!

The Birthday Ladies - 30 & still looking fabulous!

That’s right! Two of our 4 favourite BDSS’ers have hit yet another a happy milestone of their lives so I wanted to share a quick token of our love and respect for these lovely ladies with you, and the special bond that has kept us united for the past 12 years – in the form of pictures!

BDSS - Sel
To me, you’ve always been the most serene out of all of us. Where Bi and Si are down to roll with hammers, spray paint and keys in the direction of the ex’s car (too much Red Bull me thinks!), I feel you have the calmer and more logical approach to such matters. Well, that was until you gave your phone away at Tibu . . .

You’re beautiful, smart, intelligent, loving and supportive and a wonderful mother to a stunning young man. Even through times of trials you remain positive and this inspires me to keep my head up through mine. I’ve watched you emerge from your caterpillar cocoon (or floor length puffer!) into a butterfly with a spectrum of qualities that dazzles the lives of those blessed to know you and stuns those who try to dampen your flame.

From Day One in 1999, Si and I were all about the clubs yo! Fridays, Saturdays and even Sundays (Capital was our spot!) This may be news to you, but get on Si’s wrong side at your peril (Haha – will say no more!). 
Also a source of inspiration to me, Si has shown the rest of us what it really means to be in a loving, grounded relationship with the ultimate blended family unit.

It’s a blessing that you’re more than deserving of and it is a part of the foundation that has created the woman that you are today. Also the mother to another stunning young man, you continue to demonstrate that nothing is out of reach, once you are willing to put your heart and soul into it.

We love these girls dearly, Bi and I. We met as adolescents and can now look back over the last 12 years at our wealth of memories as sisters. Let me tell you, all of these ladies have been there for me MORE SO than my own blood so give me water any day!! We have shared the good, the lovely, the funny, the hysterical, right down to the dark and heartbreaking moments – and we remained a unit throughout.

So once again, a very, very Happy 30th Birthday – here’s to the next 30 years xx



  1. Hi besties, ok this is gonna sound old but you are still so young but i remember meeting you 2 first day of BD at 11 years old, yes that's how far back we go. I love you both so much, we have shared so many good times, ups and downs but life has been good and i am ever so thankful for you both being in my life and i get a 2 for 1 deal, i'm not complaining. God bless you both in all you do and long may our friendship continue.

  2. Aww Debs, Bi & Madeformakeup! haha... (at your own peril!) I'm not really a hard nut I swear BDSSer's :-D

    Thank you ladies those pictures bring back so much wonderful memories. It's been a wonderful birthday and i'm looking forward to what this new decade brings!

    Who knew on the first day of college 12 years ago that we would become as sisters! Just thinking back on those days alone and all the shenanigans (trying to find love, study, balancing family life, caring for family members, planning for our futures) it was jokes then and you ladies still keep me laughing today.

    We have been through so much over the last 12 years (madeformakeup its been about 19 years -OMG we old!) and supported each other through the best and worst of times.

    I'm very thankful for you ladies only Gods knows!

  3. p.s... I don't think I will ever tire of listening to Danza Kuduro - Memories!! lol

  4. @Reggie Thank you and welcome!