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Friday, 16 July 2010

I'm Not Bitter

When it comes to ex-boyfriends I´ve always been an ´on to the next one!´ kind of girl… all those classic ex sayings spring to mind like…´an ex for a reason´ etc… ok, so I can´t really think of any other classic sayings! But you understand what I mean!

Generally I have not really seen the wisdom in keeping in touch.
Its probably because on experiencing my first major break up,and it was MAJOR! my first love and everything! (I even had a cassette tape full of heartbreak songs -Whitney´s Heartbreak hotel, Changing Face´s Get O.U.T, Kelly Price´s ´Why oh why or Best friend´ I forget what its called!) Anyway...

…the predominant feeling at that time was ….WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME!

I mean here I am giving you my time, love and devotion and there you are doing what ever it is that you have done to cause us to break up!! ...(One more saying comes to mind - ´Ónce a cheater always a cheater!´) … I guess more a common sense saying about relationships in general? *Shrug*


… Therefore why …OH WHYYYY? Would I waste another minute trying to be best friends with you?… and no I would not say I´m bitter, I just don´t want to waste another day focused on you!

Now a days I like to think I have grown up a bit and I´m really feeling this idea that every experience whether good or bad is relevant and that in a way the ex has some how shaped you and added something to your life so really it was not a waste…

However in reality I´m more inclined to think that if my current boyfriend was to end up not being my boyfriend, that I´m likely to go straight up - "And I am telling you!… Your gonna love meeeee!!" Ala Jennifer Hudson in Dream Girls!

Which in a way is good because it would be the total opposite of what I would normally do, you see... progress!!!



  1. Lol @ your gona luv me

    I dont mind ex's as long as they are a genuine friend.

    Ex's that constantly reminisce and try it on are a no-no.

    Ex's that try and talk to you as if your still in a relationship are again a no-no.

    Just basically any ex that causes some sort of uncomfortableness is a no-no.

    Alot of the time its just not worth the stress.

    They either call too late at night when your chilling with your current partner lol or you answer the phone and they talk as if your still with them or tell you how wonderful you are (which is creepy as your both with new people)

    If I do a head count I speak very occassionally to 2 ex's. Which is more than enough for me! lol!

  2. Of course the flip side of this is how your current partner interacts with their ex's.

    If you're a "time to move on- no contact" type of person. while your partners a "oh her, we dated for two years when i was 18, she's a great friend" and he has said this numerous times already about the majority of women on his facebook profile.

    That would be quite interesting! lol!