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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Re-vamped...The Best Way To Get Over A Breakup?

So I has been off work sick recently which means I got in a healthy dose of day time TV, and as getting over a break up goes, try this on for size...

The synopsis goes  “Our Re-Vamped women have been betrayed by love, their hopes have been dashed and romantic dreams shattered. One thing is certain our ladies feel badly about themselves and are desperate to get their confidence back. On Re-Vamped, we help them do just that.
We travel on an entertaining journey of transformation, as we watch eight women undertake two big tasks on the road to life-altering change. With the help of a master fitness trainer, our heartbroken ladies undergo a brutal diet, detox and bootcamp.
Secondly, the women will get their sexual confidence back by forming a burlesque troupe. Under the guidance of a world-class choreographer, our Re-Vamped crew will create and execute a sexy and exotic burlesque performance.
To pull it off, they’ll have to help one another recover from bruised hearts, raw emotions, the lack of self-esteem, and get each other back on track to feeling confident, sexy, and ready to regain that part of themselves lost to heartbreak.
This builds up to the grand finale when the troupe unveil their new sexy selves in front of a live audience comprised of family, friends and…ex-partners“

Sounds pretty reasonable to me! Although I have been unable to watch the first season of the show to find out what the show is really about i.e., what did the ladies want to get out of the show, also what happened when the ladies preformed their burlesque act in front of their ex partners... I mean after being dazzled by the burlesque did the ex partner want them back? was it really about getting the ex partner back? or was it about feeling confident, sexy and ready as the synopsis describes... I guess I'm just gonna have to watch season two to find out!!

In the mean time ladies... what have you done to get over your ex? Have you learnt to pole dance? ran a marathon? took up salsa in a bid to get your sexy back after a break up... and going back to the whole point of the show a grand finale, a performance in front of the ex partner... why not just learn burlesque and save it for the next man... why go to all that trouble to show off your new skills and the new you to the ex-partner... is it really the best means of getting over a breakup?

Guys has an ex-partner ever got really sexy after the fact and flaunted it in your face by way of burlesque or any over sexy means... what was the out come did you want her back? or did it just make you realize she is still putty in your hands?

Anyway I will be watching tonight @ 8pm on Bio... you never know I might pick up some moves! :D


  1. So I missed the beginning of it, but I´m watching the end! They were round a camp fire burning memento´s! My kind of women lol!

  2. Hey Si great post! Just realised I missed it - boooo! You may remember a few years back I entered Ms Jamaica UK - cringe! LOL After a awful breakup, I wanted to do something just for me, and something that made me feel good about myself. It was a great experience and definitely helped build my self confidence. I never rubbed it in his face and told him that I was in the competition, but it did make me feel great and that was the most important thing to me.

  3. Oh yes Bi I remember cheering for you on the night! It was really good to see you up there representing as I would never have the confidence to do definitely got my vote (no cringe girl!) and as it helped build your self confidence so it was a good thing.

    Definitely watch the show!

    Or alternatively just watch The Family... my man sound like he ain´t over his ex at all!