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Monday, 20 September 2010

Idris Elba Appreciation Day

Has there ever been a man crafted as if he were the definition of Sexy itself?

He is dark, he is handsome, he has a physique to rival David Beckham! Lol - not forgetting he is a super talented television, theatre, film actor and a singer/producer! He also hails from Hackney of West African parentage (Debs, and fellow SL´s stand up)! - he is of course none other than Idris Elba!
Now I know I'm not the only one who appreciates Idris, so I've decided to have an Idris Elba appreciation day -yea!

Ok so the reason I have Idris on my mind is because I´m currently in Trinidad and Tobago and I managed to get myself down to the  local Caribbean Cinema to watch ´Takers´ (woo hoo)!

The film was excellent and had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end! Not forgetting to mention the great cast of handsome men (TI, Paul Walker, Michael Ealy, Matt Dillon to name a few of the film eye candy!), it´s  definitely a film that the ladies can appreciate even if your not into action, crime & thriller movies!
I think its being released in the UK on 1st October so ladies go see it (and drool -lol!)

And if your wondering why on earth I´m in lovely Trinidad and going cinema... to cut a long story short; what was suppose to be a normal fun filled holiday planned for June had to be rescheduled due to my partner being unable to fly (health issues) and between then and now my partners uncle suddenly passed away.

So we are now in TNT but its under sad circumstances and we are staying with uncle´s family;  his mother, brother, wife and children.

I have to say it has been lovely and uncle´s family are (I don´t think coping is the appropriate word) but they are moving, waking, going to school, going to work,  moving day by day in a way that has blown me away.

I´ll be honest I kind of felt at first that I was intruding like they have been through so much and here I am coming on ´holiday´ but they have received me graciously even in their time of grief and I think it is a testament to God how they are moving as a family.

I mean yesterday we visited uncle´s grave and whilst I wanted to cry (just thinking about wow she has lost her husband, she has lost her dad, what the...?!), they were talking about uncle with joy, love and respect for the person he was - a son, husband, father & uncle... and as I said in my previous post The BDSS: A heavy one...  God has promised 'blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted' (Matthew 5:4).

So I guess what I´m saying is God is good, life is precious, you have to treasure the good times and understand that the Lord does not give you more than you can bear, and when you stand on faith and know that God loves you, well you will be OK... so with that said I wanted to have a fun post, one where we can enjoy and appreciate - hence the ...Idris Elba Appreciation Day! lol

So my lovelies what do you appreciate about Idris, life and love please share...


  1. Idris appreciation day lol! Love it!

    I think Idris is sexy and he has a nice husky voice. I like his work to, he was very good in the bbc program Luther.

    Who else is there that I can appreciate???

    Denzel washington, will smith, Terence Howard. When I was a teenager I had crushes on singers, now I really appreciate good actors in either films or theatre.

    I think its wonderful and very heartwarming that the family are pulling together and remembering the good man that uncle was.

    I love this post about appreciating life. Its something that I try to do everyday.

  2. Oh yes ineed Mr Elba does it for me too but more thing i love a great singer, song writer and in place of Elba for me that one singer, song writer producer that does bring me to a stand still is Anthony Hamilton and the song of his new album is The point of it all.

    On the not of Uncle passing i am sorry to hear of such bad news, it always amazes me when going for a viewing, that we who are left behind mourn and cry after the people who leave us but when you look at them they are so at peace. It begs the question would it be selfish to want them back?
    I know death is hard to get over, just where do you start to heal, the best place is to take it all to the Lord in prayer and somehow he manages to get through it all and brings you to the other side. I can't tell you how hard it was to go through my father's sickness and slowly watch him die before my eyes. The pain, hurt and thinking how coud God do this to me however it was the same God that brought me through it all, its his piece of magic, if you let him he will take all the pain away, the key is to LET HIM and it takes a while to arrive at the place where you let go and let God. On great verses i always find Psalm 23 as "the one" no matter what it is that is the verse that just has it all, psalm 61:1-8, Isaiah 12:2-6 is another great one.

    Be blessed x

  3. I do give props and ratings to Mr Elba for his well-deserved climb to fame, especially for the transition between the H's - Hackney to Hollywood. Although (and don't shoot me!) I have to say that he doesn't really 'do it' for me, and it's not for want of trying but maybe he at one stage reminded me of some fellows SL's that I would have rather forgotten lol. But still, nuff props tho!

    On a more sombre note, it is very easy to dwell and become overwhelmed with things and situations that make us sad but at the same time, it can be very difficult to see the blessings that are most times hidden very deep in the midst of all the sadness.

    My Gran and my son are the two most significant passes I've ever experienced but in my heart they are still very much alive and with me everyday, both memory and what could have been.

    This gives me a renewed sense of hope and faith, where it is now a little easier a little to smile at happy memories and live life in a way that they would've been most proud.

  4. Idris makes me feel so proud! African-British showing those African Americans that we have talent over here and yes there are black peeps in Britain LOL. He just seems so grounded too, which makes him seem even more attractive than he already is. I use to DROOL over the man when he was on Luther much to OB's chagrin :)

    It's so good that uncle's family are pulling together, they have each other and his memories in their hearts so that is a very special gift that they can embrace and gives them the strength to carry on. It's so important to give thanks, and realise how delicate life is.

    Thanks Si, I think I need to appreciate life more sometimes we can just dwell on the negatives in ourselves and people around us, but if they are in our hearts it's for a reason.