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Sunday, 5 September 2010

As Whitney famously said Crack is Wack! (unless...)

If you have read Bi's post on can men and women really be just friends? (by the way I´m a none believer)! then you will know that reference was made to someone being offered drugs in quite a humorous way (check it out here: The BDSS: Can men and women really be just friends? its seriously funny)! … However here at BDSS we appreciate that drug addiction is not so much fun!
So last night whilst trying to get to sleep I felt a little uneasy like...  I hope no one thinks the BDSS endorses drug taking! (we don´t, which is why Bi never saw her "friend" again)! Which then got me thinking about Whitney's Crack is Wack statement.

Now being someone who has never taken any sort of hard drug or illegal substance in my life, I totally agree with Whitney on this one , Crack (and any other addictive drug which causes dependency) is Wack!

… And I tend to blame all these drug taking celebrities (those singers, models & 'it' people) out there who may make people think otherwise and perpetuate the myth that taking drugs is somehow a good thing (I´m a non believer on this one too)!

Now don't get me wrong I love to enjoy myself and possibly party like a rock star as much as the next person... but the thing that stops me from the crossing the line (into drug experimentation) is the reality that ...I´M NOT A CELEBRITY …In fact, I'm just plain old Si! *sigh* …and when I think about how plain and irrelevant I am to this world... I imagine there would be some major differences in the consequence of drug addiction for me vs a relevant celebrity…

…So I've devised a list of the potential drawbacks for me on drugs vs the potential benefits or perks even of being a drug addled celebrity! I know your probably thinking perks? … What perks? …you better read on... 

1) Drugs ruin relationships and tear families apart… now imagine me hooked on drugs and the devastating effect  it's likely to have on my relationships…I'm least likely to gain new friends and the ones I already have would not want to remain friends (this applies to family too!) because I'm guessing I would not be very good company whilst high on drugs or coming off a drug high... compare this to a drug taking celebrity…they probably gain a lot more fans/followers (ok, maybe not genuine friends, but a gain is a gain right?) with every drug scandal newspaper headline printed! ... which leads me to conclude...

...Drug taking benefits score: Celebrity: 1 - Si: 0

2) Drug addiction costs a lot… now imagine me spending all my money, time and energy chasing the high of a particular drug and worst case scenario I lose my family, friends, employment and roof over my head as a result of drug addiction… well I reckon I  would be quite seriously screwed! And if I had no money, family or friends (except maybe the BDSS!) well I think that would be just the worst!…

... now compare this to a celebrity who could probably make a few thousand pounds off a ... 'My Drugs Hell' news story!... (I mean whose gonna pay for my story?) … again I conclude...

...Drug taking benefits: Celebrity: 1 - Si: 0

3) Drug addiction is a hard habit to kick… now imagine me hitting rock bottom and wanting to get off the drugs… who, or what is gonna help me kick my habit? Bearing in mind my addiction has probably worn the patience of my family and friends … who the hell is gonna help me? No one that's probably who! …
... now again compare this to a celebrity who probably has a manager or PA, (or some over assistant)! on speed dial who could promptly  book them into The Priory for "exhaustion!" or some other celebrity rehab unit… me I got to go through my GP!  … and so…

...Drug taking: Celebrity: 1 - Si: 0

4) Drugs ruin your body both inside and out… now imagine me looking … (and I hate to say it) like a crackhead! I mean we have all seen people on drugs (maybe a family member, friend or just passing someone in the street) and the affects that drugs take on the appearance…let alone the health issues (constipation or open sores anyone?) …
... now compare this to a celebrity drug taker who most likely has a makeup artist, a hairdresser and a stylist well... It just don't seem fair they stay looking half decent, whilst I will probably just look like a down and out crackhead! … again…

…score: Celebrity: 1 - Si: 0

Not to forget the numerous celebrity´s who make frequent court appearances for drug related offenses who get off SCOTT FREE! (with their loophole lawyers)!… If that was plain old Si up in court every minute… I guarantee I would be given THE BOOK!…(i.e., Holloway prison)! ...

…CELEBRITY: 1 -  Si: - 0!!

Now I´m not great at maths but the above equals 5-0 in favour of celebrities! Meaning ... CRACK (and other drugs) is WACK! (especially for us normal people)!

So my normal people lets experiment... (not with drugs silly remember what Whitney said!) can you think of any other celebrity perks vs normal people drawbacks of drug addiction?
...go on... have a dabble in comments...


  1. Si - your list is extensive LOL!! But I agree..

    I don't condone the use of hard drugs but admittedly find Phil Mitchell hysterical to watch now that he's a crackhead, which is sad but true. That's probably in line with your peril no.4 - cos he looks a mess!! LOL

    But on a serious note, abuse of anything can become detrimental to our lives and those who care about us and it's a sad, lonely place to end up. I mean, all you need is a good look at Whitney (who's not all there anymore), Daniella Westbrook (bye bye nose) and Kerry Katona (need I say more) for reasons why you shouldn't even go there in the first place. And I think that it can be an even lonelier state of affairs for celebs as they become deluded in thinking that their bank balance will save them from all eventualities.

    Take Michael Jackson, granted his addiction was different to that of crack but considering the supposed prescription meds and all the undeniable cosmetic surgeries he had in his life, I sincerely believe that his wealth, fame and status allowed him to reach certain extents that regular men would never be able to. Which John or Jane Doe could be millions in debt and yet still have surgeons operate free of charge, or doctors right prescriptions with no up front payment??!?!

    But then again, the John Doe's of this world who do decide to start such a trip end up in situations to fund their habit.

    So it's lose lose either way.

  2. That list is what keeps me drug free girl! and why I get fed up when I see Katona stories... I just think she is not someone on TV I want my child to pay attention to! As I said getting paid for ´drug hell stories!´ kmt

    Phil Mitchell is a good example of crack chic! and for pure vanity alone - I would not go there! lol

    I agree girl it is lose lose either way, but I think the difference is that normally a celebrity has certain things riding on them, so people around them may be more willing to help, or enable certain behaviors!

    Where as me apart from my family and friends, if I go down that drugs road my options are likely to be limited! I mean I can´t just hire Max Clifford to make me look good again.

  3. I agree gal, no the book would be thrown at you, its just not worth it however I don't of you as little old So because you mean much to many and that is way more than impress a friend celebrity style... in saying that crack is wack statement is kinder flat cause Whitney is the queen of crack, was she on crack when she said that?

  4. I think she said something like crack is whack, that she smoke cocaine!

    I just find that her rhyming skills are on point crack and whack its genius! Lol!

    But seriously though you make some good points with the post! I'd hate to think what I'd be like on crack, I'd look a complete mess and inevitably I'd have a equally messed up looking partner. I never see any couples on drugs looking decent, amy winehouse and her husband always looked like they needed to bath!

  5. Tru say Sel, they were not looking at their best individually and as a couple! smh

    Maybe Whitney´s statement is a bit flat all things considering...

    and having read Daniella Westbrooke autobiography (it was an xmas boxset that included Ugly by Constance Briscoe!) and also another autobiography by one of the guns and roses members, I think AXL? (I was redundant, I had time to read!) I know its not all rosey... but then again book deals!! which proves my point yet again... some perks! lol

  6. Crack is indeed whack, look at Whitney's career she should know first hand! I still can't believe how badly her tour went, I was watching the Bodyguard the other day, and she looked so fresh faced and was so talented and then it all went down hill. I was driving through Dalston the other day and a prostitute walked out in front of the car, all skin and bone, looking like she was on some hard drugs totally off her face.

    Now I do think celebs promote drug taking or make society more accepting of it, and I think these young ravers that we read about in the paper are looking for an alternative high, the latest one I heard of is some sort of bath salts that's killed 2 people, are influenced by such people, but after seeing that prostitute in Dalston the other day I thought she is probably the last person reading gossip magazines and has sought sanctuary in drugs to get away from something, perhaps her own demons.

    I know cocaine is rife in the city, and everyday people use it. I've had to unfortunately work with such a person, he was like a mad hatter totally bouncing off walls, and then he would go into some deep depression and switch up, it was awful. The annoying thing was that he was good at his job so when he rolled in at 10am instead of 9am the boss wouldn't say anything! Anyway the guy eventually quit but it was crazy, because EVERYONE in that office knew but it was just ignored!