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Monday, 6 September 2010

Men, women and prostitutes

I'm turning 29 in a few days time and I was going to write a fairly innocent birthday related post.....but then I saw that Wayne Rooney has allegedly been with another prostitute while his wife was pregnant with his child... Which makes for a lot more interesting blogging ha ha.... So a complete change of topic, but after hearing the story I could not stop my mind from wondering about men and prostitutes!

The fact that men sleep with prostitutes is not news to me, growing up in hackney as is the case in many part of the uk, there is always an area or street and on a larger scale Holland a country! known for this activity.

Plus I can also recall being younger and seeing the picture shown on tv of Hugh Grant after he was caught being pleasured by Divine Brown in a car (he had a look in his eyes signalling he wanted the ground to swallow him up right away). Plus more recently we've had Abbey Clancy having to deal with Peter Crouchs' infidelity with a prostitute.

What I don't understand is the appeal of a prostitute.

As a girl when I got to an age where sex was on my agenda and since then now I'm a woman, the thought has never crossed my mind to go there.

When I think about it now, if I had a choice of being intimate with a professional plumber/lawyer/(insert any other profession) or a prostitute, I'd go for the professional plumber/lawyer/(insert any other profession here please) any day!!! Its wouldn't matter how hot you are!!

Don't get me wrong I know quite a few men who wouldn't go there either! Or maybe that's not something you tell your female friend, just as a random “so what did you get up to this weekend!" "Umm nothing much, although I went to see auld slapper" (the name used by the first prostitute wayne rooney slept with- are you turned on by this name? No me neither!) :O

So maybe that's not a realistic conversation to have.

But there are other men (and women) from all professional walks of life, with all different kinds of relationship status's. Who love prostitutes! Lol! It amazes me it really does!

Part with your cash for sex (You're a bit of a sad person if you ask me! Either that or ugly! Maybe ugly, desperate and lacking in the social skills required to get a date, progress that date forward and into a relationship to get something else...I really do not know!

So I asked a few friends of mine and the general consensus was this (and this is based on what they've been told from friends of friends, as the people I know are all good christians and have never been to prostitutes for sex:

" Its the opportunity to be able to pick an attractive woman that in no other circumstance you would get near and there are no strings attached to the whole experience!!"

Which may be true in Holland where its legalised. But then I was thinking that the same can not be said for a man picking someone up from the street. A prostitute high on drugs, vulnerable standing on stamford hill streets for example. That's not about being with an attractive unattainable woman!

I've come to the conclusion that its just about plain ole sex! It doesn't matter sometimes who with (Auld slapper! Divine brown and their many cohorts) and what's at stake (yeah I've got a wife and kids but so what! ) some people just simply have no standards.
Shame on you Wayne Rooney!

This is just my opinion others may disagree!

Plus others may be more concerned with other issues surrounding prostitution.

So over to you bdss'ers...what do you think about wayne rooney, and issues surrounding prostitution In general.

Also should Colleen Divorce him?


  1. Interesting Selly! lol - I think I´m gonna need to come back to this one...

  2. No worries Si, I will kick this one off!

    I think she should leave him, once a cheat with prostitutes clearly always a cheat with prostitutes! Lol!

    When he was dumb and 16 fair enough give him another chance but there are only so many chances you can give a person.

  3. I met a guy once who was in the armed forces, sometimes he would be away for months on end, he was single and said that sex was an essential release for him.

    He told me about some of the disgusting things he would get the global prostitutes to do for him, stating that he wouldn't want his girlfriend doing that sort of stuff (if he had one), and I just thought it was plain nasty.

    If I found out my man was visiting prostitutes I would be outta there! I would not only be insulted that he pays for sex when he has me, but would also be upset that he would put my health at risk.

  4. Its good to know the guy has high standards for his wife, but not for himself! kmt

    And same here! I´m sorry but I would not be interested in a man who pays for sex, because I would view them as deviant! I mean I´m sure if your armed forces guy put a bit more effort in he could at least get a one night stand with out having to pay! I think you must get some twisted power/domineering/subduing another individual type deviant thrill! lol and I can only imagine what he would try to do to his wife...a freak is a freak even when married! I mean why is he lying to himself... I won´t do this with my wife.. yeah right!

    Selly, I don't agree with the idea of someone using a prostitute being ugly, I mean as much as Wayne Rooney or Peter Crouch are not the best looking footballers around I´m sure they have other qualities which make them attractive (hard working, athleticism, intelligent, celebrity, money etc).

    A more intriguing question is why choose a prostitute who is clearly gonna kiss and tell?

    I'm sure with all their money they could probably have access to a more discrete prostitute, who is is not trying to be the next Alicia Duval or Rebecca Loos -but clearly when you think with your member then I´m guessing discreetness and whether someone is gonna out you is the last thing on your mind!

    I think Coleen and Abbey could do better than men who clearly care more about bussing a nut than having a relationship - I mean why would you risk a Coleen or Abbey for an auld slapper or the likes.

    Any man who gives a shit about the relationship would not cheat in the first place.

  5. I agree with you Si - regardless of whether it's a prossie or otherwise, people who are content in a relationship (or at least respectful of the exclusivity of the relationship) should have no need to look elsewhere - but especially not a prostitute.

    It's difficult to say whether or not Coleen should leave him, as we can't be sure of their inmost feelings and situations. For all we know (but not that I'm excusing his behaviour at all), she could have cheated on him in the past.

    But personally, it would be a dead cert 'over' if ever my partner were to cheat on me with a prostitute/escort.

  6. I believe that to fully understand why a man uses a prostitute you must first be a man. Some men are like walking robots they act, think and desire the same things admittedly we are weak when it comes to sex. We need it like drugs imagine walking around with sexual thoughts it you head almost 24 hours a day! It's not easy to cope with. I'm not asking for a pat on the back just understand that men are simple creatures who respond to visual aspects of what we determine to be "sexy".

    I think the women involved should ask themselves why did my man cheat??? I'll tell you there's usually one reason she wasn’t doing enough for him sexually as harsh as it might sound it's probably the truth. She didn’t want to go down and enjoy it! Didn’t want to take the load in the mouth etc what ever his "thing" is, to keep him she must do or accept he will look elsewhere to get it. I don’t think it means he wants to leave her he just wants to be fully satisfied. And I agree with the statement of not wanting your girlfriend/wife doing them kind of things as those sexual acts tend to degrade women and you will probably think less of her once the act is over. Now if its someone you don’t care about well then you have no need to feel a way about them as they don’t matter in your life.

    Before you all gang up on me remember this is a man's perspective the only one so far! So don’t try and say it's what I would do please.

  7. LOL!! We're not of the routine of 'ganging up' on anyone Mr Anonymous...

    On one hand, you say that the man will think she wasn't doing enough but then on the other hand, he wouldn't want her to do it cos he would no longer view her like his 'respectable lady' - it's contradictory!

    But granted, I do think that in a lot of men's mind's it makes sense; that cheating somehow 'completes' them. But from a woman's perspective, it's as simple as if you choose to be in an exclusive relationship, it should be just that

  8. That's the point I'm making it is contradictory but it's also reality.

  9. Ah, so what your saying is if I do what he likes (and enjoy it)! then he will not like me because what he likes is probably degrading to me! However if I do what he likes (and not enjoy it as to obviously not degrade myself in HIS eyes)! He will not like me and cheat?! *is anyone else rolling their eyes right now!?* lol

    Makes perfect man (non)sense to me! Lol

  10. Very interesting blog!!! very interesting comments......
    After reading everything my self I am of the opinion that there really is no answer as to why an individual would seek to see prostitutes. We are all made up differently so what makes Joe Blogs tick isnt going to be the same for Joey Blogger. I do genuinely believe that visiting prostitutes is viewed totally differently by cultures and races. While young black boys/men see it as something to laugh at if your friend has to pay for sex (cant get girls, got no game, loser loser loser) in the white community its more of a thing done with the lads after getting rat arsed down the pub or club and openly laughed about within the group as a positive (im not saying this is the rule across both races, but it is apparent)
    The blog and comments give me more questions than for example.....Why is the man the bad/low/seedy person but yet the woman who offers service and sleeps with hundreds of men are rarely mentioned? If a single man or woman visits escorts is it wrong?, as they are effecting nobody else and who am I to judge there personal sexual preferences?......

  11. I agree that single people are entitled to do and engage with whoever they like, but just as long as they are not putting anyone at risk (whether it be their health or emotions) on the selfish basis of having a good time.

    But, with reference to your first question (i.e. women who offer services and sleep with hundreds of men are rarely mentioned), there a number of 'it girls' or socialites who are famous simply for who they've slept with the night before they sold their story to the papers and what's more, some of these women consider this their living and are slatted probably on a daily basis because of it.

    If any of them have partners, I couldn't imagine how they'd feel about that but something about a male's pride tells me that it won't be accepted hands down, if at all.

    Furthermore (but not that I'm saying it doesn't happen), I don't often hear in the media of women who are in relationships being caught cheating with a male escort or gigolo (please enlighten me if I'm missing something lol!) which probably emphasises the focus on when men pay to cheat.

    But then again, maybe it's yet another human action that can't be explained generally and across the board (Maury guests always have some interesting reasons as to why they went there!! lol)

  12. Update: so according to sources!

    1)Colleen is preparing to give Rooney a second chance.

    2)The prostitutes parents have apologised to colleen.

    3)The second prostitute out of the 2 who took part in the threesome, has now apologised.

    4)Several female newspaper columnists have written articles condemning women choosing whoring as a career, refering to them as sluts, whores etc.

    5)Male newspaper columnists have continued to write about the stig, wayne rooneys football skills, but some have said he is stupid!

    6)oh and lastly wayne will keep all his sponsorship deals.

    A happy ending for all concerned (sarcasm and cynicism has been included in this last line! Lol)

  13. I can finally sleep at night Sel... Yes!!!

  14. There is great power in forgiveness, i have great respect for marraiges and feel if Coleen can forgive and really move on then yes it is worth giving it a try.

    However if Wayne just continues to do the same bull and not seem to learn from his short comings and address his need for prostitues then she has some serious thinking to do. From the media reports this is not the first time he has displayed such disregaurd for his family and marriage.
    I can not know how much is too much for Coleen some say if you cheat once that is it, other its 2 and others it much more but what it shouldn't be is creating a patern where you keep forgiving in hopes he will change when honestly its not you its him and his "i want my cake and eat" it too attitude. In the mean time Coleen is going through he own battle. Its important to know yourself worth and know that no man has the right to treat you like his door mat. Personally if it was me i could forgive him once with much prayer and off course professional help but should he do it again i will be aiding him to keep doing it over and over again and personally i deserve to be loved honestly and fully without that mess, is that too much to ask?