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Sunday, 12 September 2010

X factor, bun n chesse and the delusions of wannabe singers

Sunday afternoon catching up with the x factor and by far one of the worse groups I have seen was called bun n cheese! I grew up eating bun and cheese so although I thought the name choice for the group was not really a good one for a wannabe female pop group I knew what the name was about! So I was I thought this is weird but cool at the same time.
So as I geared myself up for them to actually sing I felt like although the name was slightly off key, the singing hopefully would not be so bad.

I had hope for this group of 3 black female 19-23 year old's, they seemed so confident.

The backing track started playing and it soon became clear that no one had bothered to learn the words to the song and or the arrangement of the song who would sing what part and when. They stood on stage discussing who should sing “let's just all sing” or “I don't know the words” I heard them whispering while the track played and others hummed trying to start singing.

Needless to say they did not get put through and I am not sure if its a case that they could not sing at all (as no one started singing properly) what I do know is that they seemed to be very happy to go up on telly with a dodgy name and give all the big talk about how great they are, but they clearly never prepared for the actual singing.

Its got me wondering what makes these individuals who can't sing, think that they can sing?

And also what's with the whole bravado thing "we are so great" etc. Who told you that?

And also wa gwarn for the people who come out to support them, standing behind the stage with Dermot on camera! Myself personally I would not be seen anywhere near an x factor audition with a relative or friend who can not sing a decent note to save their life! Hell no! Far less appear on camera giving the impression that I believe in the singing abilities lmao!

I don't know if I am alone on this!

Show's like the x factor always seem to draw out these crazy kooky characters! which is great for my sunday afternoon viewing due to the jokes I get. But I do wonder about how in touch peps are with reality lol!

What is your opinion bdss'ers should you support someone no matter how ludicrous their dream? If yes how far would you go? Would you allow yourself to be caught on camera? Lol!


  1. Sorry about the spelling grammatical errors and here is the link to their audition:

  2. You're definitely not alone on this one Selly! lol

    My word - I also caught up with x-factor today and was simply astonished by the lack of talent and attitude that should have reflected how 'serious' of a group they reckoned themselves to be(ha!).

    I think it depends on who the person is; I'd like to think that I would support close friends/family in whatever they choose (whether or not I like or agree with whatever it is) but yes, I think there would be a limit to the ends I go! From they were as bad as bun and cheese proved to be, you'd never catch me on camera saying how great they were. I don't even think I'd be present as I don't think I could withstand the embarrassment on their behalf.

    ITV allow these kooky peeps through cos I guess it makes the show - I guess in order to appreciate good talent, you need the opposite end of the spectrum lol!

  3. Well bun nd cheese had me puzzled because I thought well a sister group nice but when they said they are going to sing Listen by B I thought oh dear!
    Everyone has the right talent or not to try out because you could be the whack one that some how gets 15 mintues of fame and smartly turns that into a long stint.

    If one doesn't believe they are great then who will whether we agree about they're talent level or not.

    Hopefully the kind of friendship you have would be good enough that they can take advice if they really look like they will shame themselves by going on national tv.

    Yes in the long run X-Factor is a talent show but needs to draw the tv crowd in order to get good ratings and get money from a paying audience, it does that by screening for the less talented, the funny, the weird, put them on and get us to talking about it, Facebook it, tweet it, MySpace it because that is what will spread the word in hopes that these people will tune in nxt week and watch and the ratings move up.

    We are really getting played by these shows.

  4. I love X Factor! The first week was the funniest...'Release Me!'

    I agree with MadeForMakeUp they use the bad ones to get use watching and then brainwash us with Westlife song's (Flying Without Wings has been on heavy rotation for years!) and before we know it were hooked, although I must admit I do loss interest once the final black contestant or group has gone... but thats just me! lol (I was not too keen on Joe McKelldry (?) and his caberet style singing!)

    I think after so many years the contestants know what they are going in for and if they choose to ignore it then so be it!

    I can't explain the delusion though or the people who support it, I guess it's hard to be brutally honest and shatter dreams!

  5. Me and mum were talking about this the other day and she said that there was NO WAY she would let me be up on the television embarrassing myself or her without telling me I CANNOT SING!

    I have to say the same, if I really really do care about you I would have to give my honest opinion, I think all those friends ad families that hang around back stage just want their two minutes of fame too!

    I have to commend Shirlena's family though, they stayed in their yards and let her shame up the 3 - year old who would think her mum sounds good whatever she sings, wait until the poor girl is 8, she will probably feel shame too!

  6. Oh Bi you are too funny... She shame up her child lol!