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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

He Won’t Love Me If I Put On Weight…

We have all heard men are ‘visual creatures’ and I honestly think women are too.  

Therefore it’s likely the reason you got with your significant other (and he you!); had something to do with physical appearance; and if you don’t believe me, please see the following: Male Categorising Scoring of Women... (Who knows you may have scored 2 out of 3 in terms of attraction and that is why you’re happily shacked up today!).

Basically what I’m saying is: it stands to reason if you were looking one way when you first got with your significant other, but during the course of your relationship you did the forbidden and let yourself go! It’s likely your significant other may not be too impressed with the new you!

I mean we have all watched talk shows such as Maury Povich giving ‘slob’ wives sexy make over’s; and I have also read of men who actually tell their women how important it is for them to remain the same size and the woman not only listening, but also obliging by watching their weight: My Husband Says He'll Divorce Me If I Get Fat...

Now at the time of reading the above article I did think to myself …I would not like that kind of pressure! L
I mean we all know what happens when we’re in love... I for one have put on a few extra inches due to having nice meals and cuddling on the sofa rather than going to the gym. Plus her husband is not exactly slim himself, so some might think what a cheek! Ha-ha

However I also got the sense the lady in the article actually took pride in her appearance and she felt better being her particular size (at almost 40)... Or is it she’s bowing to the pressure from her husband?

More recently I had a conversation with a lovely older lady who basically said when you are married you don’t want to be ‘offensive’ to your husband and you have to keep a ‘certain standard’. I was like what? Offensive really! :-D

I would like to add, she also said she had a really lovely husband, so I did not get the impression she was keeping to a certain standard under duress or anything.

I got the impression she really believes in not letting yourself go once married (for the benefit of the post we’ll include non-married couples as well).

So what do you think BDSS’ers… is the older lady right, must you maintain a certain standard when in a relationship? Or is the husband from the article wrong for being so vocal?
How important is keeping up appearances once you are in a relationship? Also if your significant other says I’ll love if you gain a little weight (ala Musiq Soulchild) would you believe them?  

Weigh in... 

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  1. Well this is interesting. When you start dating someone they have ticked the boxes that are important to you. Personally if you solely go out with people for their look you should know right now that should you marry them 20 years from now they will not look the same, however that should not mean they should do whatever they can to quicken that process. Yes try to still stay attractive to your other half, if you doesn't mind you being rounder then that perfectly fine, however if he says honey this to me is not attractive why shouldn't you work on yourself, why should you be offended. The world tells us that we should be offended and that its my body blah blah blah but from a spiritual point of view i should want to look good for my man and if he says to me respectfully this that your doing is not good then as his woman i owe it to our relationship to work. What is the difference with him saying i think that dress is to short??? Do you change or do you pull it up higher, make it tighter.