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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Male Categorising, Scoring of Women...

It probably comes as no surprise that as I’m a blogger I read a lot of different blogs!

Lately I have noticed a number of articles regarding men having a thing about scoring or categorising women. I’m not sure if this is an American male thing, because the blogs I read are mainly American blogs or whether this phenomenon is worldwide…

The articles I have read range from men categorising the types of women such as: Ladies, What Number Are You
In a nutshell, if you are a number 1 you are wife material, if you are a number 2 you could potentially be wife material; if you are a number 3 well... you are not wife material!
I have oversimplified it and it is possible for women to move between scores during relationships and a number 1 can be relegated to a number 3! lol

The two out of three rule Why Men Sleep With Ugly Women
Ladies listen up! If you got at least two out of the three of the following: Ass, Bust and Face and in any combination i.e., nice face and bust, bum and nice face or bum and bust (even if facially challenged) you are alright – yes!
Although come to think of it I probably only get a 1 out of 2, so no love for me! Moving on...

... I guess it got me wondering a few things:

1) Is it a universal thing…female categorising by men?
2) Do we women do it? And if so, ladies what are some of your categories, scores, grades that men fall into? Is there a male ass, bust and face equivalent that you subscribe to...? (e.g., he has a nice body, face and eyes or ugly face, nice body and nice eyes... 2 out of 3!)

Last but not least -Why can’t we all just be unique? (Oh wait very smart brothas explains why here…Your really not all that special)
(Another nut shell, women fit into 9 different templates! lol ... but the Champ did not expand on the 9 templates so ladies I guess we will never know what one we fit into!)

What are your thoughts BDSS’er? Categorising universal for men? Do you categorise or score when it comes to choosing a partner or do you view each person as unique and give them a try?

Signed: uniquely Si!

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  1. Well, personally I think its really immature to do such things. I mean by numbering women 1-10 and exactly what does that tell you?? I would hate to be numbered or given an astrix against my name. Do women do that i can't answer for other but i have never done such nor would i ever do such. Personally, yes being attracted some one on look is first but its not the most important thing because should u spend year with this guy those looks fade, so its more important to look far deeper. If i ever caught my date doing that he wouldn't be my date. I'm at the point in my life where i don't want to do games, i need someone who is serious to approach me or me him.