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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

*itch Tried to Fight Me In The Street... (Deuces)

Hello BDSS’ers have you ever had one of those days where you realise there are some real nutcase’s out there? Well… my Saturday just happened to be one of those days...

You see it started off just like any ordinary Saturday.  Sel and I had planned to meet a cousin for lunch at Marco Pierre White's restaurant in Knightsbridge for some fine dinning and a catch up. That plan got scuppered which although was a shame, it was not the end of the world; we just went to our default restaurant … Nando’s! (yummy)

Just a bit of background… me, Sel and our Cousin used to frequent Nando’s a lot back in the day - I'm talking one day my cousin looked at her bank statement and every other transaction was for Nando’s; we ate there practically every week! ha

Any ways back to crazy people…

So picture Sel and me in my car headed down her road to begin the hour or so journey to Nando’s.

Now the road is narrow, with cars parked on either side so you have to stop and give way; and use basic road etiquette and common sense. I get near the end of the road, my lane is clear, a car is parked on the other side of the road and a women who has just turned into the road decides to quickly drive pass the car on her side hence blocking my clear lane! hmm

As I said you got to use your common sense, and my sense told me seeing as she clearly lacked the common sense to realise it was my right of way, its unlikely she will have the etiquette to reverse back.

So I reverse back (and then forward again -yes two manoeuvres!) to accommodate this ‘ladies’ lack of road awareness…

Now I know what your wondering BDSS’ers… did I get a thank you? …Nope! Instead this lady drives pass giving me the evil eye and mouthing off!

So obviously because I thought I was doing her a favour (even though it was my right of way) I gave her the evil eye right back and indicated (with two fingers) what is your problem? And proceeded to go about my day…

Well with that… My girl only jumped out her car and was making gestures (in my rear view) as if to challenge me to a fight/ a dual/ a rumble! LMAO – I could not believe it!

You see, I was not that upset! - I mean you mouthed off at me, I mouthed off at you -we’re even, no?

Also although I am a yellow strip in Taekwondo (I am deadly! ha) and probably Sel would have had my back! I really did not have the time or the inclination to fight! Ha-ha...Let’s just say she was in the middle of the road fixing to fight herself! kmt

So there you have it BDSS’ers crazy encounter numero 1 – *itch want to fight me in the street! (she needs to read this: What is road rage?)

Numero 2: We get to Wood Green car park and I’m trying to find a space. As I’m going up the slopes to get to the next level I encountered an overzealous horn user. Now I don’t know if it was because she was in a rush (or she had poor clutch control) … but every time I stopped she beeped! Lawd help me

Again common sense and road etiquette would tell you I’ve not stopped just to piss you off!

Anyway having already learned earlier that people actually will jump out their car and try to fight you over stupidity; I ignored her and gave her the evil eye as she drove passed! Ha-ha –(no I didn't), but we did laugh a lot when people beeped at her with her slow parking self… Karma *itch!

So anyways we finally get to Nando’s, enjoying my cousins company (she is getting married and was filling me in on all the details); plus the 1/4 chicken with chips! We’re all excited and gushing in the way women do regarding marriage and stuff!

Now I’ve looked around as you do and caught the eye of a women and her another women who looked to be her mother … before I knew it these two women are not only staring me down! (Even thought I don’t think I was staring in the first place) but also indicated to this other guy to look in my direction?? hmm

My thought process at that moment was: omg… what is going on today! … Wait? Are they really screwing me or am I having a stare down contest? *a quick peak* omg mother dearest is sucking her chicken bone and the contempt is clear on her screw face!  lmao…

(The last time I got screwed that hard was in 1993, the first day of secondary school!)

Sigh, I must say if I was a different person…  but I like to fight fire with water and I don’t let people’s craziness ruin my day!

So anyways BDSS’ers… should I have fought her? Have you ever had one of those days were people (and their mother) seem determined to fight you? Or just piss you off? Also, it just dawned on me all three aggressors were women, does that mean something?

Deuces… (let the battle begin in comments!)


  1. Have you asked yourself if its something maybe your doing?
    I only ask because the common denominater in each situation is you..........just asking.....

  2. Yes i have had one of those day where you just think where is all the ish coming from, but you have to choose the right way to react to these things, it can go from you being started on to you ending it and doing something which you will later regret so well done on just moving on and not joining in and stooping down to their level.
    @Anonymoous are you telling me that you have never experienced such if you are then i do not believe for one second. We don't know what that person/s have been through that day and Si may have been unbeknownstoher the straw that broke the camels back.

    A respectful well mannered person don't raise to the occasion they just keep it moving and carry on with the rest of their day.

    Women tend to be very judgemental and jealous of one another so its not strange that you would receive bad looks, again I say they don't know take no notice of them, don't let your day be consumed by people with bad attitude.

  3. Girl sorry I just got to writing something now, but on the day you had all your drama I had a day like that too KMT!!

    Well it all began when my 2 year old was refusing to go to sleep due to feeling unwell. Having gone through an arduous sleep plan with him three months prior, I knew that I had to leave him to cry this out.

    The sleep man is repetitive so you leave them to cry and after 15 minutes you continue to check on them after 15 minutes of crying until they eventually fall asleep.

    Because he was unwell I was doing this for what seemed like an eternity, getting more and more stressed as I trudged up those stairs, and then I heard it.....BANG BANG BANG on the wall.

    9 years prior my neighbours thought it appropriate to bang on my walls when my eldest cried for more than 5 minutes. Being young I tolerated this, which led to him being in my bed until he was 3 partly due to them stressing me.

    Fast forward 9 years and I was in NO mood to be taking this crap, I ignored it and the banging continued. Eventually he went down, how I did not storm around there and tell them about them I don't know; I can only put it down to exhaustion.

    If we did not get on I could understand, but we do, the next night is like nothing happened and they had the cheek to bang on my door asking for a cigarette oooooohhhhhhhh I could have punched him!