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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Japan... Pray, Donate, Help

I was not going to write anything about Japan because well… the news speaks for itself, we're all aware of the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami which occurred last Friday, so there is not much to say other than lets everyone pray and do what we can to help.

The reason why I bring it up is because the other day I had the misfortune of being in earshot of someone spouting what I can only describe as rubbish regarding what has happened in Japan.

This person was banging on about 'it's always the British who help other countries …ya da ya da' (crap) and I quote 'when it was flooding in Cornwall (or somewhere in the UK) they did not come to help…'

I can't lie listening to this person really pissed me off!

Not to underestimate the impact of the flooding which occurred recently in the UK and the devastation it caused to those people effected, however clearly Japan is in a different level.

I mean don't get me wrong I can kind of understand how in this day of 24/7 news, it can be easy to become desensitised. I mean you see it, you read it, you tweet it, you facebook it 24/7 and in this day of 'breaking news' it seems like everyday a daily dose of bad news is delivered for our consumption.

If you think about it before Japan's earthquake, there was the earthquake in New Zealand , the week before that there was Gaddafi, the week before that there was the uprising in Egypt… all rolled into one constant flow of 'news'.

So in a sense I can see why we not only become desensitised but that desensitization is key to being about to pick oneself up (after the initial shock) and going on about our daily lives…whilst across the pond there is devastation.

That coupled with the fact in this country people are struggling, it's a recession, there are cut backs, and petrol prices are sky high and I can just about afford to get to work let alone afford to donate money to the numerous charitible causes (is it me or has comic relief come around so quickly?)… So in a sense I get it or at least I get why that person was spouting crap…

…However, my main point is despite all the above if you looked at things not from the viewpoint of yourself, or which country you are a citizen of, or what your country has already done for other countries and think about what has happened in Japan just on a basic 'human' level (for lack of a better word) using empathy, sympathy and compassion …

What if that was your family lost? Your neighbours and neighbourhood lost? Your home…lost? your job and basically your life washed away in one instant would you not need or want help?

God forbid a tsunami or some other natural disaster befalls the UK and people's responses are that of my friend spouting crap…

The saying comes to mind if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all!

I stress again …PRAY, DONATE, and HELP Japan if you can…


  1. Very interesting post!!! Lord please help all of the people around the world who find themselves in predicaments that have arisen in there life.
    I recently was part of a very interesting debate which covered the views on whether people felt what happened in Japan was a natural disaster or the act of god (several biblical quotes have recently put forward as a source of why this is possible) it would be interesting to hear peoples view on this.

  2. Well, I would say no because God promised he would never kill his people again with a flood so I think its a resounding no for me at least, it is absolutely a natural disaster please see Genesis 9:14-15, to back that up God words does not leave his mouth and return void please see Isaiah 55:11, it further to that just to seal it God does not lie Number 23:19... I rest my case.

    Folks love to take such things and say God had a hand in it, when he didn't and if scripture is read right then blame would not be unfairly heaped on God.

    If you notice in the new they explain how this disaster came to be, it is just that a natural disaster.

    Yes do pray for Japan, money can answer only part of the problem but a country and people prayed and covered by the blood of Jesus Christ can over come anything that man thinks you can't. Faith is the key, it doesn't stop bad things happening but its stops your negative response to this bad thing and later outcomes

  3. @anonymous, I can't say I thought of that and I'm sure it makes for an interesting debate, but like I said if you think about it on the basic level... you would want to help, people in Japan are really suffering right now.

  4. Totally agree@madeformakeup

    @si.....I didnt give much but every penny counts:

  5. Si your friend sounds like a Daily Mail reader I cannot believe some of rubbish I read on the comments!

    Yep the British help these countries, yet they have also plundered so much stuff from the same countries and continue to do so.

    Anyway not veer away from the devastation in Japan, it is real tragedy, and I feel blessed that my aunt who is teaching out there is safe and well.