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Friday, 15 April 2011

OGNiki - Oh Dear

Hmmm this is a rap by a 17 year old female called OGNiki, its become quite a talking point over the last few days due to the fact that she is rapping about her sexual exploits.

She has become a trending topic on twitter, and apparently there is some explicit video to accompany this track (I don't know- its not something I choose to search out!).

Listen to the lyrics people...(Shaking my head!), now some naïve young people I've seen on different forums are trying to say she is like Trina and lil kim, and that boys have been rapping about sex for ages so its about time the girls start doing the same (as if its part of some equal opportunities gender movement), but I'm just not convinced by this argument. She isn't waving any banners for female girl's sexual choices or preferences.

She is basically rapping, that she slept with 6 men in one session, while other girls sleep with less, so she is the shit in comparison! Which is just nonsense of the highest kind!!!
She is basically saying I'm easy so pick me! Oh and listen to me Rap! She is clearly desperate for fame. Willing to be some sort of porn star rapper at just 17.

Grown men/women, rapping/singing about sex I can listen to and accept.

Children doing it, I just can't.

If your young and watching/listening to this video and getting idea's.... don't....!!!

And if your older watching and listening to this video and thinking its okay she is past the age of consent.....your just perverse (imagine if that's your daughter, son, niece or nephew)!!!

If this was my child rapping this song I'd feel I'd gone wrong somewhere.


  1. Where do I start. Just to say it is very say but i am not surprised that young girls think this and are even doing it because look at the artists that are out there Nikki Minja, lil kim (not so much now) with a fake bum taking a lot of nonsense, and a who loads of hip hop video girls doing anything to be in these silly video.

    Even if this is just a song and is not real i would have to ask why is Nikki talking about herself in the 3rd person. Its rather sad, often at such things i would get angry but its the saddest thing i have heard a young girl with potential to make her dreams happen choose to display her intelligence by talking about sex and have 3-6 partners in whatever position, and too her sad silly friends thats cool because they don't think her lyrics are great they are thinking i can get a piece of that.

    I have to disagree with you see i can't take it when even grown men or women talk about sexual positions and who they have been with... keep it to yourself, i feel even worse when a young lady on the brink of starting life. She needs structure at home and if she has she needs to go the CHURCH

  2. Wow just wow!

    I totally agree with you Sel the logic is nonesical, I slept with 6 men at the same time so I'm better? The saying quality over quantity comes to mind; and her quality rating gets no stars as a rapper, women, female, birminghamite and what ever else she is trying to represent.

    I watched an interview of her were she was saying she keeps it real and she has some team, her dad cursed her, but if she don't listen to her dad then why would she listen to anyone else she just looked sad to me.

    No one will be taking her seriously as a rapper and possibly in her life, she may always be known as a * bucket because of this and it is sad, because I did not think her flow was terrible.

  3. well i disagree again i do take her seriously a young girl talking like that is sad, as a result her flow is terrible because i refuse to give her any big up when she can not talk about something else... sorry Si we disagree again

  4. Oh dear oh dear, now I can get on my high horse and say what is this skank doing up on here blah blah blah, but I’m not going to do that. I find this whole thing just extremely sad, that a young girl of 17 can be brazen enough to broadcast her sexual exploits to not just her close friends, but the whole online world.

    The fact that she’s done this, says a lot, not only about ‘OGNicki’ but her background. Now if I done lost my mind and even played with doing something so scandalous (not that I have) my first thought would be the repercussions that this had on my family. I think in this westernised society there is a general consensus that children are little adults, but indeed they are not, therefore her behaviour automatically makes me reflect on where she is coming from. Either she is deficient in attention, or she hasn’t been raised to respect herself and her body.

    It’s one thing to sleep with 6 men at once (which is bad enough), but it’s a whole different category to broadcast that you are blatantly a hoe. Unfortunately this doesn’t surprise me, everywhere I go there’s sex about. Music videos, programmes, even clothes! Last week I casually picked up a pair of socks for my 9-year old and it‘s only when I got home that I realised that they said ‘Its not just my feet that are big…..!’ This was in the children’s section! Females in particular are consistently being exploited by the media which leads to young girls thinking it’s totally acceptable to talk about their bodies so degradingly. I’m not going to preach that people should abstain, but I do think when talking about sex education, what the government fails to concentrate on promoting via schools is the emotional implications of sex. Clearly OGNicki isn’t thinking of the emotional side, she is rapping about the act. She is not rapping about how emotionally she felt by having 6 men up in her felt, instead she is ranting and raving about how physically good it felt. Truth is she probably hasn’t thought of it, but I’m in no doubt that once she gets called a sket whilst walking around Birmingham she will do. If more counselling is given with sex education, I believe the birth rates and STD rates will decrease, because it will make people think about the bigger picture.

    I also think that some silly women/girls think that we’re the same as men sexually, so we can sleep with men and have no second thought to it. I do think men and women are different when it comes to sex, and men can often switch off, whereas once a woman has sex with a man, she is more emotionally connected to him.

  5. What gave me jokes in the first instance was that whilst she's on about doing 6 men in the place of 6 women, and bending this and that way, an advert popped up about 'tackling back problems?' lol

    All jokes aside, I couldn't watch it to the end because it's really sad especially coming from a young lady who should be all about respecting herself. I mean, if this is what she chooses to do, the least that she could do is keep that sh*t to herself?! In 2, 3, 5 or even 10 years from now when she's in a better state of mind, this video (and her testaments to being a whore) will be hard to shake off or live down.

    I could be wrong but it seems as though either boundaries where not set clearly enough or at all, or she wasn't reigned in early enough when she started acting up.

    Ladyabouttown's comment about the socks she bought reminds me of when I first heard of push-up bras for the same age group!?!

    It's just a really sad state of affairs when anyone feels the need to sing or rap about their intimate parts or details for some sort of acceptance; even more so children.