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Monday, 24 January 2011

For Coloured Girls reviewed - tyler perry nothing new here

I know I am very late with this one, but I've finally gotten round to watching For coloured girls. The new tyler Perry Film.

I've never seen the broadway play the film was based on, and I assume that in 1975 it was very relevent and real to women of that time, and that it gave a voice to their suffering.Watching the film yesterday however it felt dated, it felt like all the topics covered I have read about in all the black magazines and women books in the 1990's and beyond.

It felt like I was watching a really tragic version of waiting to exhale, with the whole sisterhood theme that it had going on. Plus the underlying message that black men are no good and it depicted the absolute worst kind of examples of man that any woman could possibly meet. I'm not going to give examples as I dont want to spoil the film but just imagine your worst nightmare.

Its one of those films that got under my skin for all the wrong reasons.

I am wondering why it needed to be made into a film, I can imagine that on a stage with the dance and the poetry  that it was tragic but the different stories where depicted in very moving ways using music, dance and poetry to enhance the powerful punches of the themes running through the play. In film form however inspite of it's very talented and gorgeous cast of black men and women I imagine it lost some of those beautiful qualities that made it such a  broadway hit although there were a glimmers of beauty in a few dance scenes, and the poetic scripting, there wasn't enough. By the end of it, it just felt like another film chronicalling black relationship failures, black women victims at the hands of their fellow black men.

If you've seen it what did you think?

Would you recommend the film to your black male friends? I dont think they'd ever forgive me lol!

Way too much trauma in one 2hours 15 mins film sitting.






  1. Was it really that bad? some one else told me it is very sad!
    I have not seen it yet, but I have read mixed reviews... great in parts and terrible in others.
    Like certain modern storylines did not bode well with the original concept... hay hoo...

    I actually spent my hard earned cash to watch Crank 2: High Voltage in the cinema once, so 2 hours of depression will probably be nothing in comparison! lol

  2. Lol sad does not even describe it!