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Friday, 14 January 2011

One week TWA (teeny weeny afro)

So if you have read my previous post He won't support my natural hair dream... then you will know that I made the decision to forgo the relaxer around November last year and I'm happy to report that this week I have been wearing my twa to the fullest and right now I can't imagine going back to relaxing.

Now originally I was planning to keep my hair in cornrows (washing and trimming the relaxed ends in between) until it grew out to a sufficient length to look well-decent!…
Plus I was a bit put off by the price of the styling products such as kinky Curly Custard which I can only find online for what I consider an extortion price in these austere times: 2011 the year of... 

However the more I watched the youtube natural ladies (which I mentioned in the above post) the more I was itching to see my curls, kinks or coils what ever you want to call them in their natural state…
Plus I was worried that the front of my hair was starting to recede in the middle (maybe I'm paranoid) but that was not a path I was willing to go down! lol

So anyways my lovely hunny bun who I moaned about in the above post (for not supporting my natural hair dream!) forked out the fee for my products and when they arrived last week Friday I could not resist…

So picture me late Friday night upbraiding, then conditioner washing my hair before applying the Kinky Curly Knot Today, cutting off my relaxed ends, applying the Kinky Curly Custard and then leaving it to dry…

…Three knackered hours later I was able to see the results and the results were that I fell in love with my TWA! Lol
Trust me it really is such a dramatic change considering it was only last September I was calling my hairdresser after 4/5 weeks of relaxing my hair to say it needed relaxing again because the thought of going on holiday with an inch of re-growth was so unappealing! (I was a fully fledged fiend to the creamy crack!)

Now I can't lie I was a bit nervous about my mother and child seeing my new do, as my son also doubles as the style police; and my mother has many notions around who in our family got the good hair and the negro hair (I've been told I got the latter –ha ha!) I was also pretty nervous about my boyfriend's response (his opinion does count sometimes!) as he has been looking at me like I was crazy ever since I announced I would be going natural! Lol

Not surprising they were not that enthusiastic. My mother said it looks nice but I should put the plaits back in and my boyfriend and son said it was not to their preference (fair enough we all have them!)

For a brief second I did start to question myself as in… Am I really not looking as great as the reflection is showing in the mirror? Am I fooling myself? Do I look a fool with my twa?

Well… let's just say the response I got from my work colleagues on Monday morning proved that my reflection was not lying… Lol and that I look bloody AWESOME! He-he

I was told I look healthy, gorgeous, like a model, like Halle Berry (in Swordfish -lol), stunning, and a wealth of other compliments!

…So yes this is a post to gloat about my hair! and also to encourage anyone who is thinking about going the natural root to do it!

I won't lie it is no more or less work than when I had relaxed hair but it is very satisfying to know I'm working with what the good Lord gave me!


  1. My mother cut off her hair and went all natural and has been so for a 4 or 5 years now and i always thought she looked so good in the end when her sisters came over they took to it and cut of all their hair and have all gone natural. Personally i think it takes a certain confidence in yourself to go natural and personally Si you look amazing when you came to see him i thought your smile looked brighter and look lovely i thought it was super cool, cool now and you wear the twa very well.

    I don't think afro is for everyone but i think where you can one should, hair gets teased primed, pulled and coloured that if it could speak it could scream leave me the hell alone. I found braiding damaging but when i switched to twisting i found my hair growing and looking fuller and healthier, mind you i have not straightened my hair in a long time i just wash and twist the hair back. All i want is healthy hair

  2. I'm biased, you have my face so i think you look great all the time lol! (were twins so you know)

    The style change is very dramamtic, but dramatic's good, there is nothing more striking than someone that can carry off a completely new style and get away with it.

    Kudos to you sis!

  3. Thanks sis... I see you when I see myself now! lol

    oh and my friend at work was telling me today that my hair has grown... its only been two weeks!

  4. Yes Si - you're hair looks great!! Pro au-naturel (even though I don't do it often lol!!)

    I agree with madeformakeup and Sel - you do need to be able to carry a short or natural look and from you can do both, you're blessed!!

    Whether natural, semi-relaxed or relaxed hair, as long as your hair feels good and healthy and leaves you feeling confident, you're good to go! :)