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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Great British Female Artists - Estelle and Co

Its coming up to the weekend lets talk about some music. A song that I have had on repeat for the past week is Estelle ft Rick Ross, "Don't break my heart"

I absolutely adore this track, it just sounds so cool, I think it might be the way Rick Ross makes that "uh" sound, and Estelle looks fabulous in the video, but I must ask how old is Rick Ross? he looks like someones grandad, although I like his uniqueness and style overall but please someone tell me how old!

Check out the video, as I say I think its a great track, she has a new album coming out soon, called "all of me" so purchase it, her last album is in a pile of Cd's that are sat on or near my stereo for easy access (the albums I like are all out of their CD cases ready to be played whenever the mood takes me). I'm hoping it will be as good as her last album with American boy, and substitute lover to name a few tracks.

Now don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of American female artists, singers, songwriters, rappers etc not so much Bey Bey I'm more a Jill Scott type of woman, but there is a lot to be said about the talent on this side of the pond. Listening to Estelle has got me reflecting on British singer, song writers who deserve a bit of credit along side Estelle.

1) Beverley Knight

She is a wonderfully talented singer, and I remember jamming to her old school tracks and feeling like she was up there with the likes of all the other American rnb stuff I listened to during my teens, all her "feel the flavor of the old school" type songs. She has a new album out now, if you like her current stuff then go support.

Next I was slightly tempted to throw in some Mystique, but although I enjoyed their song's at the time, and I felt like Sabrina Washington had a nice enough voice,  I couldn't stand and actually I still can't stand Alisha Dixons' rapping....... "YOU KNOW YOUR FEELING MY FLO DO SHO" on...

2) Floetry

I don't even know which video to choose from, the combination of the spoken word from Natalie and the Soulful singing of Marsha was just second to none, its so difficult to choose and if you never went to a floetry concert then you missed out. One of the best concerts I've been to! And Marsha's solo work since they split is just Tres Bien (I paid attention in french lessons).

Shola Ama or Kele Le Roc next maybe? No! How about Leona Lewis, I know I know its a bit moist (to use some street vernacular), I'm not a fan of ballads, but I know a lot of people love Leona Lewis and there is no denying she has an amazing voice.

3) Leona Lewis

4) Corrine Bailey Rae

Corrine Bailey Rae writes some really charming and mellow songs.

There are of course more artists I could name Jessie J, Adele, I really wanted to throw in Miss Dynamite but against the other artists listed it wouldn't be right although I was in love with her little deeper album still am....Gabrielle, Mica many.

So BDSS'ers who are your favourite British artists? and what song of theirs do you like to listen to? They are a talented bunch, and unfortunately some do not get the credit they are due (clearly this does not apply to people like Adele - she has a mercury music nomination, Leona Lewis etc before someone comments lol).

PS: We bdss ladies did actually meet Estelle, in the K west hotel a few years back when we were celebrating debs birthday, when American boy was no.1 in the charts. I did attempt to take a picture of the girls with her, however I was drunk, I do not have steady hands, and I don't think the stabilizing facilities on the camera was that great. I took the pictures all excitedly, we were all loud making noise (the hotel people were telling us to keep the noise down). When we actually looked back at the photo's they all blurry so got you'll have to take my word for it!

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  1. Love Estelle's new song, she is really representing for the UK artists.

    If only Floetry would reform they have some of the best songs "Say Yes" is one of my favorites.

    Beverly Knight's voice speaks for itself, same with Leonia, Adele and Corinne!

    Saw Shola Ama recently and realized she has lots of great tunes!

    I'm trying to think who else... Amy Winehouse definitely is a superby talent so hope she comes back healthy soon.

    Alexander Burke as well has a great voice never forget her performance with Beyonce on the X Factor final.

    Great post Sel!!

  2. There was a time when British did all things american but some how we have out of the shade and begun to really make ourselves be heard. However you constantly find the British artists going to america and then selling it back to us. Look as Leona love her voice but England really didn't do anything with her she lands on J records and her music comes back to us and she get to number one, Estelle another example. I'm not really feeling her Rick Ross collaboration

    However i really like Joss Stone no one really talks about her she is a singer song writer, these are my favourite artist they can sing but they also write phat ass tune one reason i really like Jesse J. Though i detest him J Sean, I also like The Script, they are Irish so close to home. Dionne Bromfield, she is more jazzy but never the less she has some pipes, Ellie Golden, Texas i know i used loved them, but that has gone quiet. Loick Essien is also good, Nathan as well. They don't get as much shine as their white counter parts though which is a shame oh and JLS who are not my favourite but they are British. Yep that caps it

  3. Oh no can't believe that Amy Winehouse has passed away yesterday, so sad she was definitely a standout British talent that is one thing no one can deny.

    RIP Amy Winehouse x

  4. On another note, talking of Floetry we actually met Natalie last night who was lovely and gracious enough to take pictures. Made Bi's birthday night!!

  5. Wow Sel you've brought back some memories, sometimes we don't realise just how much talent comes from these here shores!

    Well it goes without saying that Amy Winehouse was one of my favourite artists, it's very very sad that she's passed but she's left a brilliant musical legacy in her short life. I really loved her music too because I could relate to it so well.

    Loving the soulful voice of Adele also. My other favs are Sade, I swear that woman doesn't age!! Skye Edwards of Morcheeba she's got a beautiful voice. Des'ree's music was good when she was blowing up years ago, and I did actually buy a Sugerbabes album before all the foolishness!

  6. Thanks for commenting ladies, you have added quite a few others I'd not thought about to the list.

    MFMU there are a great deal of talented male artists as you have listed. I may do a post highlighting them at a later stage.

    I to felt saddened by the passing of Amy Winehouse she definitely made a mark with her music. She may not have lead a great lifestyle but she was a great singer and song writer, it was her talent that got her noticed to begin with so lets not ignore this fact. I've always loved her albums and have been a fan.