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Monday, 4 July 2011

Marvins Room - Drake, Jojo, Chris Brown

I saw Marvins Room trending on twitter a few weeks ago, I gave it a quick listen at the time, just to see what all the fuss was about, I turned it off fairly quickly I wasn't particularly impressed. It turns out I was listening to a slowed down version not the original I wasn't sure so I didn't want to post it with a chopped and screwed version so I thought I'd wait until the proper version filters through (see below). This version sounds slightly better but I can't say it's one of my favourite Drake song's and yes I am a Drizzy fan. Now fast forward a few weeks and it seem's like everybody is jumping on the Marvins Room bandwagon. Below you will find Jojo's version and Chris Brown's version (Warning if you are not a fan or just do not want to listen to profanities do not listen to the video's, they all have a lot of swearing in them).

Anyway have a listen, a lot of the tweeting concerning these song's has been debates about which version is the best. Do you have a favourite? They all sound relatively similar. The song premise is the same, its a late night, you've had too much to drink and you phone an ex who has moved on.  Have you ever done this BDSS'ers and what did you say? I've so far managed not to do this to anyone, calling someone drunk telling them to fuck their current woman in order to try and go around to their place, has got to be one of the most cringe-worthy things anyone can do.

I've not done it but I know I've recieved a few calls at random hours and to be honest there is nothing more annoying than receiving a call at 3am by an ex who is feeling horny and who thinks that you are on booty call duty. 


Jojo's version oh my (shocked face), this is the woman who brought us "get out right now", hearing her swear on the track is slightly shocking lol!
Chris breezy's version is slightly ex-rated as well, talking about hitting spots and all sorts.
They are all sounding a bit too horny and needy at the same time.
So bdss'ers what do you think? Are you able to relate to these tracks? Are they making you think of that time when you called that girl or guy, drunk, at 2am needing a little sumthing sumthing?

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  1. ... I must be in the dark, i only heard Marvin's Room yesterday while on Bossip and thought who the heck is Marvin and listened to some girls version of it then went to look for Drakes on and have just heard Jojo i'm yet to hear Chris Brown's version, who suddenly thinks because his 21 its time to start swearing like a sailor, NO Chris its not time to start swearing like a sailor and think that's grown... this what i hate all these little people doing songs for the moment and yet we have amazing quality artists out there I like it call it grown ass women/man music. Jill Scott, Brian McKnight, Musiq SoulChild, Jagged Edge, Boyz II Men Eric Benet Maxwell and Joe to name a few quality long lasting music that you don't just listen to for the season, but years from now you can bust out their songs and it takes you back to that day and time and what happened or you can create new memories. This is song is so dame rubbish and i can't believe folks are going round making their on version of what some drunk so and so who can't get over the ex, please know that such behaviour is odd and in no way special nor will it impact there ex to get back with you on that kind of behaviour. Instead of being normal and calling at the right hours trying to working it out, you go the dumb route calling drunk, slurring words talking ish, you just picture what drunk people get up to now to have that on the phone while you are half sleep... REALLY... come on that will undoubtedly turn your ex right off. I'd rather spend my time listening to Jagged Edge, grown ass woman music for grown folks not no small kiddie crap, talkin' bout marvin's room, to hell with Marvin's room, if an ex ever tried drunk calling me i'd cut him off, tell him to stop wasting my dame sleep i've got school or work to go too and bar the heck out off him. Quality over popularity any day. Off my soup box.

  2. Hmm MFMU - your not a fan of the songs? no? lol! I guess they are not going to be to everyone's liking!

    I agree drunken late night phonecalls are a definite no-no for me. Very seedy lol!

  3. No I'm not a fan of Marvins Room or anyone's room, I just think RnB is lacking the quality it once had and so when folks like Musiq SoulChild, Jill Scott, Joe, JE and Lyfe etc. come out with albums I become happy because its timeless music, I am such a lyrics girl over good production which is nice but good lyrics make for great songs, I mean really when you listen to the lyrics of Marvins room what exactly is he saying nothing good enough explain himself accept to say f who u with they ain't me well if your an ex that is the point to be with someone different who isn't going to mess you around so Marvin can stay locked up. I just miss quality not no one hook songs with some dance that you have to do... why u wanna give me instructions fo??

  4. All im trying to say is you could do better

  5. Interesting post Sel, I'm quite unmoved by all three versions and just the song in general - it's just an average song.

    Can't say I can relate to it either as I have never done it myself and I have never received a call in return - but to each their own! ha ha

    I think Teyana Taylor has a version of the song too. I think we should do one ladies! lol

  6. Thanks for commenting anonymous, having sing a long!

    Si I'll do the "are you drunk right now?" part! I think a BDSS cover would be fantastic.

    Okay so you've not received a drunken call, but have you received a drunken, text or email, or any other form of communication we use these days? A drunken tweet, (that will probably come next! Lol!) Or have you sent any?

  7. I'm a massive drake fan! Mfmu I also love the music that u have referred to! I think it's important to let ur musical taste evolve! I don't just appreciate mavens room as a rushed here now gone tomorrow song! I think the concept is fresh, the melodies are fresh, and I love the way as a rapper he isn't afraid to throw vocals in! There is so much to enjoy about this track other than what u have mentioned! Like I said I love Joe, but you hear one Joe song u have heard them all! Usually singing some love song about someone elses girl! Which now when I think about it isn't to far from marvins room! Only drake has freshened the concept by being drunk

  8. This is true anonymous its about the same old concept. One man trying to hijack another man's woman lol! its very joe-esque!

    I'm not convinced it will be one of those long-term memorable songs though. I do think that the hip-hop and rnb of today is not particularly great , I think we are due another phase of really great hip-hop and rnb, in the vein of Jodeci or biggie for example!

    Having said that,Drake is a hip-hop artist who I do enjoy listening to and I do feel excited about, and Rick Ross, I am liking Rick Ross a lot!

  9. F-ck that nigga that you love so bad
    I know you still think about the times we had
    I say F-ck that nigga that you think you found
    And since you picked up I know your not around