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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful!

Reasons to be cheerful!
It was my birthday on Saturday and now I am 28! Upon reflection I would say I have definitely got to know 'who I am' during my twenties, but of course I am still learning. It feels a little weird as I keep thinking gosh I am nearly 30! Back in the day 30 onwards was really a 'big peoples' age to me, but now I'm embracing the close of my twenties and definitely looking forward to all the great things I'm sure the years ahead will bring. For some reason during my birthday weekend I have had the Ian Dury & The Blockheads tune 'Reasons To Be Cheerful' in my head, and it got me thinking of the things that make me cheerful, so I thought I would share them with you.....

Friends and Family

Where would I be without my friends and family? I have so many special people that illustrate my life from past and present, who have most definitely shaped the person that I am today. Just watching my children makes me cheerful. I was really touched that I received so much Facebook messages on my birthday from some people that I haven't spoken to in years but who had actually taken a minute to just think of me. I have a friend who I've known since I was 8, and even though she is Nottingham and I am down here and I can't remember the last time we actually spoke we always write to each other. The day before my birthday I got a 4 page letter from her and it was actually really cool to just have a different form of communication in my hands. We have been doing this since we were young as we use to write to each other in the 6 weeks holiday from school.


Having been brought up by an atheist I was always encouraged to follow my own convictions when it came to religion and my beliefs, therefore I have an open-mind and respect when it comes to religions aside from Christianity in which I am most familiar with. I would say that I am still on a path in regards to my relationship with the Most High, but I find much comfort in what I believe and also in what I am still learning. My Mum once said that she is glad that I have my faith because not believing is very lonely, and I'm thankful that that path wasn't for me.

Looking Good

There is nothing better than putting on a new outfit, having your hair done and feeling great! I love bargains so it's even better when I'm looking great on a budget! I recently brought a pair of beautiful Kurt Geiger shoes and cannot wait to rock them to see Fela! Even though I will probably buckle at some point during the day!

Eye Candy

There is something about a good looking man with locks. The other day at the leisure centre I saw him, he was like a chocolate Adonis, handsome face, athletic physique and gorgeous eyes and locks that framed his face - yummy. Oh lawdy! Our eyes met and we had a pleasant gaze, until my toddler decided to shout “MUMMY” and broke whatever daydream I was in. We had a chuckle and went about our business, there really is nothing like eye candy.

Great Food and Drink

I love great food and wine, my favourite food is lobster and steak, a perfect combo in my book. There is a franchise of restaurants in London called Belgos, or The Big Easy on the Kings Road is also great for this culinary delight. At the mo my favourite dessert is a blueberry loaf cake that Tesco sell. I am ashamed to say it but I ate most of this by myself yesterday even though it can serve up to 10 – hey, it was my birthday!


There is nothing like being away from it all, and being somewhere new. I'm fortunate enough to have had some great holidays, and I'm very excited to be going away with my BDSS ladies in a few weeks to relax and have some fun – whoop whoop! I would love to go to Jamaica though and I am extremely jealous of my grandfather who flew out there today.

Brilliant Books

One of my all time favourite books and films is called 'Like Water for Chocolate', if you want an pulsating romance to keep you on the edge of your seat , check out this novel! I watched it when I was 10, and read the book when I was in my teens. I could honestly read it over and over because it's so exhilarating. I also would recommend 'Your Blues Ain't Like Mine' by Bebe Moore Campbell mother of Maia Campbell, it's a great book and I couldn't put it down when I read it.

Beautiful Songs

My musical taste is very eclectic and love a range of music from rock to opera, some of my favourite songs are Louis Armstrong 'We Have All The Time In The World', which just makes me feel good and reflect on life. Sam Cooke 'A change Is Gonna Come' is a masterpiece, 'Take My Breathe Away' by Berlin reminds me of my youth, I remember always wanting to get my childminders daughter to play it. 'Ave Maria' a song I've always envisaged having sung at my wedding, which I just think is beautiful. 'One More Chance' by Biggie, which makes me think of school days, and the first rap I ever knew off the top of my head. Peter Tosh 'Creation' I love this track, take a listen! The list could go on and on!

Zumba – Brazilian Dance!

Now I'm not an exercise addict, but us BDSS ladies have recently discovered Zumba, when I first tried this out I must say it almost made me drop and shout “I can't do this no more!” But what made me persevere was the many older ladies that I was surrounded by, who weren't even shedding a drop of sweat. After a few more lessons I was hooked, and it makes me very cheerful especially once I've completed a class and feel revitalised. Because the tunes are so good if I close my eyes tight enough I can sometimes imagine I'm at a rave, especially if I go down low enough!

There are many other things that make me cheerful, I could be here all night, but instead I would like to know what makes you cheerful?



  1. That is why you are such a happy bunny! I am feeling cheerful reading this!

  2. Hey Bi, this post is so excellent about embracing the things that make you happy and bring joy to our lives. I'm with Rhoda, it made me feel happy and smile (roll on Holiday!) lol

    I will say that everyday I deal with people who can not even do half the things that I take for granted on a daily basis and sometimes you speak to people whose body may be failing them (through old age or illness) but they still have this infectious and feisty spirit; and dealing with them really makes me appreciate my health, my family, my life as it is now. Who knows what tomorrow may bring but I definitely know I do not want to waste a minute being miserable and not enjoying what I have in the here and now.

  3. Bi - I must say this was a great post to wake up to on a monday morning! This post made me smile first thing.

    I know that I am blessed although occassionally in my pig-headedness I do not acknowlegde it and appreciate it.

    However whenever I do pause to take stock, I definitely have a lot of reasons to be cheerful.

  4. Haaaa I am pleased that this post made you cheery ladies! It's true Si, when we look at those less fortunate than ourselves it's good to take stock and appreciate what we are able to do, and what we have. xx

  5. I have to say my faith... I have been through a lot of things and the one thing that makes me happy and makes the difference is my faith, i draw so much from my faith.

    Having a great mum we have a great relationship, when i was younger we used to fight a lot but as i grow older it begun to change and when my dad died it changed and got even better and as the years go by i thank God for my mother.

    My nephew Brandon makes me super duper happy, his such a ray is sunshine and i love him to bits, he says the funniest things... you can't help but love him plus he really is a model child, for his age it amazes me that he is the way he is.

    My friends, i have amazing friends that have been in my life for so long, i trust them, i can talk to them and i they give me such great support and they make me laugh. I have great respect for them and they inspire me so much.

    Tennis makes me happy, i love tennis so dame much, football makes me happy

    Doing makeup makes me happy, i learn tips and tricks try them out and put on my blog that makes me so happy

  6. Bi you certainly summed up the things in life that put a smile on our faces. Family time is great and off course thats when people think they can take the micheal out of you but hey it's all good.

    I am sooo over this british wheahter, you got the right idea enjoy the break ladies!!!

    Boi where are the fire men at that bit of eye candy got me all warm and fuzzy in the wrong way!!! about tripple chocolate delight!!!! Children huh God Bless them but they do know how to knock you off a good run lol.....

  7. Welcome to the club Hunny Bi; 28 seems to come out of nowhere! But am so happy that with all the ups, downs and challenges you’ve been through, you’ve come out cheerful and appreciative of all your blessings.

    Do NOT even get me starting about Zumba; it is so my new lick these days – my lil mid-week pill of utter release so to speak lol. In fact I’m off to my class in a few hours and I’m always looking forward to the next class before the previous one has even ended! Definitely gets me through my working week!

    Lastly but definitely not least, my BDSS girls keep me cheerful. When love, family, work, acquaintances etc try slow my roll or throw me off course, I can always count on the ladies (and that fine glass of wine during one of our rotational dinners) to get me through xx

    Outta the mouth of babes - lil R telling me yesterday to 'take care' just made my day!! :D