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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Soooo Embarrassing!!

"How comes it always happen to me?!"

On a train going home from work the other day, I became heavily involved in a conversation with my friend over the phone (yes I confess, I am at times that person on a train!). Anyway, it appears I was so heavily involved in this conversation that only when I started laughing having just said something sarcastic, did I realise that either my joke was not so funny or . . . we'd been cut off - thus making the joke redundant, null and void!! I could just feel the whole train silently celebrating and thinking "Good; maybe now she'll get the hint!" At least it wasn't as bad as the time where in the middle of saying something, the phone rings whilst I'm STILL holding it to my ear, having not realised that it had locked off at all. Maybe that's saying something about me and my gob!! LOL

Ohhh, I could go on FOREVER sharing my experiences of historical blunders. Like the time BDSS was getting ready for a night out. Since it was my turn to be the indecisive one of the night (which earrings girl? Jeans or a skirt girl? Is this too much eye makeup girl??!) I couldn't decide which pair of high heeled sandals worked best; strappy with a bit of bling or just strappy. So I tried on one of each to see which worked best, decided and that was that. Alas, did I not swing my feet out of the car onto the pavement to see that I still had one of each pair on, completely different in look and style so no chance of trying to blag a new fashion trend! Completely horrified, I left everyone there and drove all the way back home to fix up and sort myself out.

And last but most certainly not the least embarrassing, is the time I stacked it in Nandos in my new high heeled boots (I won't say which one because an employee could be reading this thinking oh yes, I remember that!!) You know them kind of killer heels BDSSers, the kind that you found on a true bargain and makes you look WHOA! so you go on with the attitude to match. Only, I hadn't considered how slippery the floors would be considering it was raining outside and needless to say, I was happy I removed the price labels from the soles otherwise the whole restaurant would have known about my bargain!!!

Oh but BDSS; please do not think you get off lightly. I have been witness to some mishaps over the years that I'm sure they prayed I'd neglect to mention. . .(*witch's cackle*)

BDSS (Bi): "I'm Dreaming of a 'White' Christmas!"
Preparing for yet again another night out (which happened to be Victorian themed night), our dear friend Bi thought she'd look hottie nubian victorian if she turned up in cream shorts, white tights and a head gear to match! Imagine dressing up for your holy communion; minus the dress which normally goes over the all white undies, hehe!! That certainly brought tears to our eyes!!

Don't laugh too hard Si, you're up next!!

BDSS (Si); "I'm Stuck Here With the 'Girl' In the Mirror - Oh Yea!"
On this occasion, Si and I made an appearance were making a night of it and decided to go out. We entered the bar and as we ladies do, headed straight to the ladies to make sure we're still looking hot! However, our dear BDSSer, leading the way, suddenly became stuck and couldn't seem to navigate her way past this woman who just wouldn't stand still to let her pass. Now coincidentally, this woman was the same height as Si and even more spookier had the same top on as her; needless to say she was dancing with her own reflection in a mirror at the back of the bar!! Calmly but firmly, I held my dear friends by the shoulders, steered her in the right direction and guided her safely to the ladies; I can assure you that I struggled to maintain my composure for quite a while afterwards!!

And last, but certainly by no means least:

BDSS (Sel); "You Raise Me UP!"
Sel and I were out just a few weeks ago when in a restaurant, we found that the dancefloor was downstairs and accessible by an escalator. Now please note we had arrived not too long beforehand so "blame it on the juice, got u feelin loose" simply doesn't cut it in this instance :D. Not a complete surprise, there were two escalators; one coming up and the other going down, simple right?? No no no, our BDSSer maybe thought she was here to train and run treadmill because she proceeded to the wrong escalator and if it were not for my love of the girl, goodness knows how that night would have ended. That would have been one quick night out!

Another memory includes a friend (who shall remain nameless) who joined me in taking a half day from work and an afternoon of shopping. Safe on her train, she thought she'd read her paper except when she went to take it out of the bag that held her new purchases, she only whips out a fresh pair of sexy undies which proceeded to fly through the air and land on the shoes of a gentleman who was sat opposite. Texting this to me, I was absolutely wetting myself as I could just imagine the serious case of embarrassment that her face would have struggled to hide!!

So, there you have it - although it's hard to believe we are not always in perfect form (haha)! Com'on BDSS'ers, I know we aint the only klutz out here - what is your most embarrassing memory?


  1. Oh to have been in the Nando's to see your boots! hahaha, and I remember the shoe shame girl. I was like where's Debs gone?! (home to change her shoes!)
    hahah and I hate when the phone cuts out on a good punchline and everyone can hear! haha

    AND I thought we swore to take the mirror embarassment to the grave! :-O that has to be one of the most embarassing things that has ever befalled me... my actual thought process was wow she has the same top on as me! lmao - if it wasn't for you guiding hands on my shoulders who knows how long I would have tried to move out of my own reflects way! I get stressed if I go into a shop with to many mirrors as my brain does not compute! haha

    Thanks girl for bringing up bad memories! :-(

  2. Ahh don't thank me girl, you're welcome, anytime!!

    I couldn't go down without taking y'all with me!! :D Ohhh, the mirror was sooo funny - I had to step in and prevent what could have been a good ol' cat fight with yourself!! LOL

  3. Lol girl thank you for outing my nightclub escalator shenanigans! I didn't actually step on the escalators might I add, but I was close lol!

    But I think to myself anyway what nutter decides to put escalators in clubs! Its dark, i'm tipsy, and i'm in heels, add to that drinks in hand, its just a recipe for disaster!lol you were talking about stacking in nando's, imagine stacking on the escalators in a night club with drinks in your hand, it doesnt even bear thinking about lol it makes me shudder!

    I'm 100% not a fan of escalators in clubs. Hate them lol!

    The mirror incident always makes me laugh, confused by your own reflection lol I don't know many people that has happened to, and the wrong shoes, just because debs can be such a perfectionist when it comes to getting ready it amazes me she didn't realise!

    I'm trying to think of some other embarssing incidences but at the moment I can't think of any, I must have blocked them out from feeling too ashamed lol!

  4. Hahaaha; c'mon now, I had to share such a fabulous moment! lol And yes, it would have been a completely disastrous story if you had had drinks in your hand and no one by your side LOL

    Ah girl; I don't know what happened to me with the whole odd shoes thing; I remember asking all of your opinions, having one of each for you to see the full effect. . . then I must have become distracted. Maybe if they were different heights I would have noticed sooner!

  5. I loved i mean really loved fake nails, on this occasion i went to Tesco with the mum and dad, i went to the nail section and bought the nails i liked... when i got home i sat there filing and making sure each nail would fit properly, i stuck a few nails on as i liked, i was happy instant length i got the my pinky nail put the super glue and for some unknown reason it would not stick so i tried again adding a touch more glue and went to press the nail down and the nail click up, i went to try and catch it and the glue strangely i can't even begin to explain how got into my eye i blinked and WHAM my eye stuck i tried opening my eye nothing it was stuck y'all i mean stuck i screamed trying still to open my eye and i failed, needless to say i went to the hospital they tried to open my they failed, they out a patch on my eye told me to come back the next day, i did and the surgically remove my eye lashes and then wait for my eye to open, i had no lashes for a few weeks and i simply refused to go outside. That's my story

  6. Debs you had me cracking him up with this one, I don't think it was Victorian night at Hackney Central though! I really don't know what I was thinking until the laughter of you guys when I came out made my neighbours bang down the wall and made me proper check myself :(

    Oh dear MFMU I can relate to this one I was making my sons easter Bonnet a few years back and for some reason with super glue. I got my fingers stuck together late at night so I called Debs in a panic, and she told me I needed nail varnish, so I had to go to my neighbours house to get some. Very shameful!

    I thought the stacking incident was hilarious girl when you reminded me whilst we were eating at the same Nandos a few weeks back! That was until I stacked with two of my kids recently in front of my horrified neighbour and parents on the school run :(

  7. omg @MFMU! Wow gluing your eye shut and lossing your eye lashes sounds extremely traumatic it's a good think you can look back and laugh about it now haha!

    @LAT I can't remember now but I'm assuming the outfit stayed at home? that was hilarious I can remember you reminded me of some kind of aunt (Jemima!) because of the head attire.

    As for stacking it, there is nothing like a good old stack to bring you back down to earth!

    A few years ago I was heading to a job interview all suited and booted. I had my phone in one hand chatting away and paperwork in the other hand. The moment I reached outside the building I stacked it and an awkward stack at that because my hands were both full. Right in front of a delivery guy to the building and I distinctly remember someone running to help me up... so shame! :-O

    I quickly dusted my knees off, took a deep breath and completed the interview all the while thinking to myself Sh*t I can't believe I just dropped! lol

  8. I sooo remember the late night SOS call from Bi re: superglue to Easter Bonnet, and also Si's pre-interview drop and I must confess; once I have made sure everyone's ok and not hurt (aside from a bruised ego) - I bend over double in fits of laughter!!

    The absolute WORST for me is seeing people with their weave tracks exposed; that is one embarrassment I shall never be a victim off!! Hahaha

  9. Oh Debs you had to go there... weave tracks showing, it's never a good look! hahaha