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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Update: Children With Leukaemia Party - amount raised...

Hello BDSS'ers just thought I'd give an update on the Children with Leukaemia party organised by our father Rawley P which took place on 7th May 2011.

Children with Leukaemia

"dump da da daaaa"  (drum roll please)...  he raised over £800 from the night alone! :-)  Everyone was so generous and although he found it very stressful (arranging it all) he has vowed to do another party next year which will be bigger and better so I'm really proud of him. Least we forget he ran the London Virgin Marathon also in aid of raising money for the Children with Leukaemia charity.

Rawley P Marathon

Rawley P and son
During the night he lamented that 4 years ago his daughter, (our sister) was diagnosed with cancer and today after undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment she is 18 years old and it is through God's grace she is still with us! Amen.

Our lovely sister
He talked about how during her treatment thanks to the wonderful charities she was able to enjoy days out with the family at what was an extremely frightening and stressful time. These charities rely on donations in order to make the lives of children suffering with cancer a little bit more bearable, therefore it is extremely important to donate! (You can still donate to Rawley's Virgin Money Giving Page by clicking on this link).

Please also check out the Children with Leukaemia website to find out what the charity do: Children with Leukaemia

Some more pictures from the night:

The BDSS ladies 

"Just Like Candy" Sel & Debs getting down!

Fundraising fun

So there you have it BDSS'ers please donate as we are all aware cancer does not discriminate and with 6 teenagers a day being diagnosed with cancer, it is surely a worthwhile cause.

Si x

Also today Sel and I are heading down to Orpington to watch our other sister and nephew run for the Footstep International Marafun. Footsteps is an International Charity, which cares for street children and orphans in Kenya. You can donate here:

Update: Some pictures from their Marafun.

Footsteps Intl - Marafun

Sis reaching 10K finishline

Final lap

Nephew after finishing 4K

Nephew and Sis with their
medals and certificates
Great stuff!


  1. It was a fantastic evening!!! And for such a great cause.

    I'm looking forward to cheering my sister and nephew on at today's marafun as well!

    It's positive stuff!!

  2. That is good, great causes and great to get young people involved.

  3. Great news ladies! You have a very inspirational family, well done to them!!! xxx

  4. Thumbs up to you and your family, all supporting each other's ventures, health and well being and generally good causes xx

    Yes - the Children with Leukaemia Party was dope! lol and I look forward to next year's soiree.

  5. nice about chronic myeloblastic leukaemia here