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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Stirring up negative feelings - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kenneth Clarke, Satoshi Kanazawa

Where to begin, there are days when loads of topic's and stories catch a bloggers attention however what with other life going on around the blog you can not often write about everything, it would take me too much time lol but over the past few days some things have really stirred up my feminist and womanist and black conscious feelings.


Honestly some times I hear these politicians coming out with things that completely Irritate me. These are the people who we select and put in positions of power and it does sadden me to realise that they can be just as ignorant and just as brain dead, misogynistic, racist, sexist, and as stupid as it is possible to be.

The most appalling I think is Kenneth Clarke and his different levels of seriousness of rape comment made yesterday.

In interviews this morning the Justice Secretary implied that there was distinction between 'serious, proper rapes' and others as he defended controversial proposals to halve some rapists' sentences if they made early guilty pleas.

If the Justice secretary of all people, is unable to articulate himself correctly enough to send the clear message out to society that all rapes under all circumstances are serious, criminal, punishable, and that perpetrators of such crimes will be dealt with swiftly and severly, then I am failing to see how we can improve the appallingly low rate of rape convictions here in the UK,and to educate people in order to stop the incidences of this crime from happening SMH (Shake my head) - I'm appalled!

This psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa a lecturer at the London school of economics, doing "scientific" research trying to establish the following:

Here gives a good breakdown of the research and the furore caused:

Honestly this man gives psychologists a bad name, you can get away with publishing all sorts of drivel under the guise of scientific research. I don't understand why people love to pick on black women though, again its infuriating, not because I take on board or internalise what being said (anyone with half a brain cell can see how the research is flawed and that the testosterone conclusion is a hazarded guess based on nothing), but its infuriating because institutions such as London School of Economics and the editors of the website where the article appeared, the journal of psychology today, employ this man and give him free reign to sprout all this crap in the first place. I am sure that there is a British psychological society ethical code lurking about somewhere, I think that maybe they should take a good look at it.

And on second thought's don't even get me started on Terminator, keeping your love child a secret for over 10 years of marriage is something else!

So BDSS'er's your thoughts on these topics?


Why do we as a society give these bumbling men any authority or power?????


  1. Great post Sel... with the exception of Arnie, its all very disappointing!

    When the Justice Minister uses terms such as "classic rape" it begs the questions how old fashioned and outdated is he?
    One gets the impression he harps back to the old victim blaming mentality... she had a short skirt on so...

    You hit the nail on the head when you said if he has Justice Minister: 'is unable to articulate himself correctly enough to send the clear message out to society that all rapes under all circumstances are serious, criminal, punishable, and that perpetrators of such crimes will be dealt with swiftly and severly, then I am failing to see how we can improve the appallingly low rate of rape convictions here in the UK" then why is he in his job?
    Coupled with the fact he is (was) trying to push for halved sentences for those crininals who admitted rape. Its seems like it's the crininal that wins with Mr Clark as justice minister.

    I don't know where to start with being offended with Mr Kanazaw's 'scientific research' I also don't know how or where he developed his hypothesis.

    What I do know is that the general concensus is he needs to go back to the drawing board.

    Rightly so there is also a petition to make Pyschology Today accountable to publishing such nonesense and I will definitely be signing it!

    It seens 'black women' are fodder for racist ideology no end! KMT (yes I'm an aggressive black women) haha

    As for Arnie, I really just feel sorry for his wife as apparently she did not know about his love child until this year? He really is the terminator!

  2. Apologies for grammatical errors! :-)

  3. Well said there sister gal, I read the link posted and thought hang on a second here, this is just a way to hide behind something which would allow you to speak racially while saying its research based when we all know it opinion based. This bafoon should be given the heave ho, because he is responsible for the learning out comes of his students who is feeding this absolute crap. I'm glad the student council has stood up and are demanding action be taken. Its just not right to be a position of influence and then abuse, there has to be some sort of repercussions for misguided views. At best this learned man is simply a fool wanting to gain attention by writing and posting his warped opinions in such a way that it really did stir the pot only its stirred so far out of control that folks rightly want him sacked, bet he wishes he never wrote the blog post. It just shows just because we have freedom of speech doesn't mean you have to say everything you think because not everyone will like it or even agree with it. At lost of what he wrote is based on base being either attractive to someone or not, and not based on proper research and not even to compare and contrast his finding to make some sort of point.

    Onto the fool that classes rape, i mean really when it left the mouth it must have felt i don't WRONG to say, sometimes folks just speak without engaging the brain. Then to take you sweet time to apologise just makes it that much worse. In the case of date rape. A subject of such a sensitive nature should be traded on carefully and if you are not going to say anything of use folks should really exercise the say nothing at all. Considering his a justice minster which just makes one draw their brows together, how does he hope to tactical this class of rape and how do the victims feel about one type of rape overlooked by another, such a violation should have no separations and if found guilty they should serve the harshest of sentences. In this case this dude really does need an assistant to make sure his thinking right.

    Lastly Arnie, was WRONG WRONG WRONG however with such a lengthy marriage should his wife just walk away, has she given herself enough time to cool down, possibly work it out. I'm all for leaving a fool and not accepting an idiot and having standards however in a marriage things a little different, i feel like you are a lot more invested and you should try before you quit. The person who is paying the most is this child.

  4. Good one Sel! These men are just a few that I have relegated to the group 'Men Behaving (Very) Badly (in fact, Atrociously)'.

  5. Hahaha Arnie always did say I will be back....well lets see how he escapes this hole he has dug quite nicely all by himself oh did I say byhimself no takes two to tango :)

    Not sure in order of stupidity which one of these numpties deserves a first place medal for twat of the year!!!...All I can say is dumb, dumber and dumbest come to mind!!!!

  6. These men are just disgusting firstly Kenneth Clark. Well to be honest I can't say I'm surprised that the justice saecretary thinks this. There are so many corrupt politicians out there doing fraud anbd all sorts, the shocking thng is he actually said what he was thinking. The sentencing for rape and certain other crimes in this country is ridiculously low so there really isn't much help for us if we have idiots like that helping to run the country.

    I have very few words for Mr Kanazawa, other than he is a ****, gosh it seems like us black women always have some idiot out there trying to bring us down.

    Arnie? Where do I start? (SMH) The woman looks like a transvestite, and I've heard there are two more love children out there! Scandalous!

  7. First of all i want to make clear rape is WRONG and totally unacceptable. Anyone that has a differing view should imagine a close sibling or friend on the receiving end (that should be a sobering thought that leads you to see how unacceptable it is)

    But wait.........let’s not read a newspaper article that is put together to shock and sell papers!!!!

    Lets not then get our point of view second hand from people that haven’t heard or read the interview

    So with that in mind I decided to do some research.....research being actually listen to the interview.....actually listen to his explanation.

    After doing this my own conclusion is.....He is guilty of not being able to articulate himself (which is a crime in itself based on his position of justice secretary) The way his tone came across so blazay about the subject matter in hand was also probably his worst offence.

    But to be fair, after listening....what he was trying to say is some rape is worse than others....For example.....If a guy turns 16 today and sleeps with someone who turns 16 tomorrow, this is classed as rape, but that is not the same as someone holding someone captive, using weapons to threaten and so forth!!

    I think his main crime was his arrogance in answering the question in a way that suggested he had no thought in articulating such a sensitive manner.

    In regards to Mr kanazawa if that is his preference (he feels black women are less attractive) then thats fair enough, we all have the right to a preference, but to try and disguise it as scientific research is absolute rubbish!

    In regards to Arnie......being totally anyone really suprised 80% of guys have cheated! 80% of the men i know have cheated! When men have whats known as locker room chat.....its what is accepted as a man thing....when the boys go out.....its accepted!! If your partner tells you he never has and never will the alarm bells should be ringing (unless he is in the 20%) from footballers to politicians (can u believe Gordon Brown and Anne Widdicombe)to the average Joe on the street. There is a saying amongst men...."I love eating lamb every night but every now and again I fancy a kebab!! I think once a man has been caught, and hurt someone they love it tends to help them realise that they never want to create that situation again......but until then there is a super injunction near you waiting to b exposed!!

  8. After more reading I have dicovered that If a guy turns 16 today and sleeps with someone who turns 16 tomorrow it is not rape it is unlawful sex!!!

    Your on your own on this one kenny boy!!

  9. Yeah I have seen some points being made regarding teenagers, however I think it does confuse the issues of teens having sex and the laws regarding that and rape.

    But its all quite important as a lot of young people are not aware of what the law says. I had no clue when I was 16!

    The worry is that the things that get accidently said are the ingrained attitudes of these politician's.