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Saturday, 25 June 2011

World Femininity Day......I missed it!

Did you know that yesterday 24th June was world femininity day? I accidently stumbled upon this fact whilst reading the guardian newspaper. The mission of WFD is:

"To acknowledge and celebrate femininity by women, for women, for humanity. We believe it is vitally important as women to be encouraged to feel powerful through our femininity as opposed to matching or competing with masculine ways of being to achieve power in our lives whether that be socially, in relationships, family or career. check out the website below."

Wear a flower in your hair, go on ladies this will make us all very feminine and empowered! This sucks so much I am probably the least feminine out of the BDSS ladies, I like to get ready and go, I wear no make up on a day to day basis the exception being when I have somewhere fabulous to go, I don't do my nails, or make a huge fuss over my hair. I am feminine in that I shave my arm pits and legs but I am not overly so. I work with my natural God given feminine attributes! I do occasionally dabble in youtube make up tutorials but after 2 minutes of watching, where the person is bringing out a 5th make up brush to apply a 3rd layer of foundation to the other layers already applied, I get disinterested. I think I do a sort of low maintenance femininity by default; I am a woman so I act as such and do feminine things. I often get people commenting on the fact that I don't wear make up on a daily basis like it is the strangest thing ever. However I feel very comfortable with my look and appearance and I know that when I glam up and get all womanly I feel great, so I don't feel the need to do it every day.

So I am wondering BDSS'ers what does femininity mean to you? How do you express it? And also for the BDSS'er guys, what feminine qualities do you love about women and how feminine does a sister have to be? Lol!


  1. interesting post. i am desperate to be feminine but when you have kids they drain you so much that i may as well put a paper bag over my head. The only thing- feminine at times is my damn name. leggings baggy t-shirt,sweating profusely after cooking dinnerfor the kids and panting like a damn dog whgen its the third trek apstairs after putting the kids to bed and them waking for trivia ! when i hear my man coming down ther stairs i even switch the channel just before Nichole scherzinger start strutting to her latest single. One comment from him and i turn mascaline on him LOL xx

  2. Lol Thanks for commenting Anonymous, I completely understand where your coming from. Especially when my son was little and I was studying I didn't have the energy to glam up and ensure that I looked feminine. The BDSS ladies can attest to this, I had this floor length, black puffer jacket that I used to wear all the time, that used to completely swamp my frame. At this time I had a amber rose type haircut without the dye. I must have looked like a man from certain angles not feminine at all lol!

  3. ha ha Sel I definitely remember that puffer jacket phase but I did not think you were not feminine in fact you have always had a penance for heels and big earings and if I remember correctly you used to wear some major earing bling with your hairstyle.

    @anonymous it is difficult balancing everyday life with lipstick and high heels on so I don't blame you for going with the comfortable attire.

    I think as long as your comfortable with who you are that is the main thing.

    Having gone on the WFD website I'm not too impressed it will take more than a flower in the hair to make someone more feminine and also some women are quite happy not being feminine so to each there own.

  4. Really I sure did miss that, i love all things makeup and beauty and all that, however i hate shopping for clothes, it just takes far to long i hate trying stuff on and taking stuff off and going from shop to shop, i have left my mother many a time in shops because of her desire to stay in shops far to long. However being WFD is not for me outing flowers in your hair and looking girly but rather celebrating that fact that you are a woman and all the wonderful things that we are and all the wonderful things we can do have done and continue to do. Its powerful things to be a woman, mother, wife, partner, sister, niece,in whatever capacity you are embrace it.

  5. MFMU thanks for commenting very true words:

    "celebrating that fact that you are a woman and all the wonderful things that we are and all the wonderful things we can do have done and continue to do. Its powerful things to be a woman, mother, wife, partner, sister, niece,in whatever capacity you are embrace it"

    Love this!!

  6. You had me cracking up about the youtube vids and I’m the same I lose interest quickly; that’s why I truly rate Si and her using it to the benefit of her fabulous hair!! Although I am truly glad to see the back of that floor-length puffer coat tho, you still rock your feminine self Sel!!

    I find that if I do fem it up, I look much younger than my years; which you may say it’s a good thing, but not when I look underage tryna look grown and getting asked for ID (as on my 28th bday party night)! Flowery prints or accessories are not common pieces of my wardrobe, let alone in my hair!!

    I wear minimal makeup to work – just enough to cover those blemishes but some colleagues go the full hog; primer, concealer, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss etc – and all of that is before 9.00am. I opt for more sleep!! Then you’ve got the whole ‘night firming lotion/cleanser/cream, then the day firming lotion/cleanser/cream, for your face body and neck, then comes the stuff for your eyes, then the stuff you use at 30+ 40+ 50+. If this constitutes feminism, then it’s not me!! LOL

    I take care of the things I want and am able to, and from the BDSS girls say I look fine, I’m good!! :D

  7. Wow I missed it too! I can totally relate to @Anon having children makes it difficult to feel feminine, I remember years ago when I wouldn't dream of leaing the house without makeup and now I'm lucky if I can slap on lippy!

    I really like to make the effort when I go out and think the simple things like getting my eyebrows threaded and nails varnished make me feel good :D